The King of Lamoria

April 14, 2010
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Chapter seven

Kevin was lying in his bed with one of his maids. He opened his eyes and said to her, “Get out of my bed before my wife comes home.” She jumped out of bed and got dressed. And then she ran out the door. After she was gone, Peter thought to himself, no woman can seem to resist me. I must have gotten the good looking genes from my mother. She always told me I would get in a lot of trouble with women. I didn’t want to believe her before, but now it seems she was right about everything. I never even knew my father, since he died when I was only three years old. My mother said he stabbed himself with his sword. He blamed himself for his people dying. About a hundred died because of the war he started. He let his pride get in the way. He wouldn’t sign a treaty with the other country. So they got mad and declared war against his country. He thought he would never need any kind of help. I’m sure glad I’m not as arrogant as he was. I have certain countries which I chose to be my allies.

He got out of his bed and walked to where his mirror was hanging on the wall. He looked into and thought, life doesn’t get any better then this. He love the way his hair gleamed in the sunlight. He also loved his deep blue eyes. He went out and walked out of his two oak doors which led him out of his castle. He saw his wife and his three sons getting out of their carriage. His three sons were identical triplets. All of them had blue eyes and curly black hair. His wife’s hair was also curly and black. Her eyes were light brown. “I’m so happy to see you.” She ran up to him and wrapped and wrapped her arms around his neck. He replied, “I’m glad you made it back safely Christina.” “It’s too bad you were too busy to go to Spain with us.” “I can’t believe our boys are ten already.” “You should have been for their birthday party.” “They must have received at least sixty presents.” “John, Luke, and James, you may all go to your rooms and play while I have a long talk with your father.” They ran to their rooms and started to play with their toys.

“Let’s go in the sitting room and talk.” Kevin nodded his head yes and followed her to the sitting room. They both sat comfortably on the same couch. “So what have you been doing while I was gone?” “Oh the usual, I’ve been busy with paperwork and meetings.” “I think we should have a second honeymoon Kevin.” “We could let the nannies watch over the kids while we’re gone.” “You should be able to take some time off.” “You are the king after all.” “Maybe we could after the war is over.” “I can not just leave and let my country fall to pieces.” “Why does there always have to be wars going on in this country?” “Because my darling, if I never did these things, we wouldn’t have enough food and land for our people.” “Everything I do is for you and our children.” “I know that, I just wish there was another way to do it.” “I’m sorry Christiana, but there isn’t.” “This is the only way I can get what we need.” “Yes I suppose you are right.” “I’m going to go to my room and unpack.” “You can have one of the servants to that for you.” “No thank you, I’d rather do it myself this time.” She dragged her suitcase with her and walked to her room.

Kevin was about to walk out until he saw the maid whom he had been sleeping with earlier, walk into the room. “Why have you come to see me Emily?” “I came to tell you that I’m four months pregnant with your child.” “I would have told you before, but I thought you wouldn’t love me anymore.” He loved her long curly red hair and green eyes. “I still love you Emily.” “But you’re going to have to leave now.” “I can’t let other people tell my wife that you’re pregnant with my child.” “Please come back after the child is born.” “I would like to see what our baby looks like.” “And when you come back, don’t tell anyone I’m the father.” “I will go to live with my sister in France.” “You won’t need do worry about me.” “If anyone asks me who the father is.” “I’ll tell them he’s my old boyfriend, whom I recently dated a couple of months ago.” “I will come back to see you after the baby is born. “For now, I will say goodbye to you.” She quickly kissed him on the lips and left. So now I’m a father again. Pretty soon I’ll be holding a new baby. I haven’t been a very good father so far. What kind of father will I be to this one? That child will probably barely ever see me anyway. I can’t let my people see me spending a lot of my time with a child, who they think isn’t mine. Oh well, I can’t do anything to change that now. I’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Matthew; his royal advisor, came in and said, “We have found a descendent of the Lunar family.” His hair was light brown and his eyes were dark green. ”What are you talking about Matthew?” “Don’t you remember when you told me and all of your men to find the next descendent who could control the Lunar ring? “Oh yes, now I remember what I said to you.” “It’s just been so long I guess I almost forgot.” “We need the power of the ring to kill Peter and all of his people.” “Those lunar witches were the ones who crafted it.” “The writing on the ring says that whoever found it could use it to kill their enemies.” “And it also says the person who controls the ring has to be a descendent of the lunar family.” “Since; I am the person who found the ring in a cave.” “I believe its power will work for me.” “But we can not control it without a descendent who caries the gene in order to do so.” Matthew looked carefully at the ring which was resting on Kevin’s ring finger. It had a sparkling green gem in the center of it. “Sir, I don’t think this plan of yours will work.” “You may not think it will.” “But I’m not going to listen to you and let you change my plans.” “Now who is this descendent you said you have found?” “Her name is Tara, she is Peter’s wife. “Than you will have to find a way to kidnap her.” “We can’t do this without her.” “I may not be able to find a way.” There are at least hundreds of guards protecting her.” “I’ll give you three weeks to kidnap her.” “If you don’t, you’ll be killed.” “I understand what you’re telling me sir.” I shall try my best.” He walked out and closed the door behind him. Kevin lay restfully on the couch. I can’t wait until I have the victory in this war. Everyone will soon know I’m the most powerful king who has ever lived.

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BurriedInBooks said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Ok, so honestly, this is the first piece I've ever read of yours, and it's great!  And to admit, I'm not usually into the whole "medevil" kind of thing!  I think that you, however, did a wonderful job in this chapter of your works!  Keep up the good work, and never give up!

Great Job!

-A fellow writer

kairi789 replied...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 8:56 pm
Thanks! So what kind of stories do you write? I'm starting to write chapter eight. It usually takes me at least a couple of days to finish writing one.
BurriedInBooks replied...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 2:59 pm
Oh, just some mystery, thriller stuff, but mostly some sci-fi incorporated into the mystery, some romance, that's all.  (Actually, I've only published one story on here) (tee-hee).  Well, I'll be on the lookout for some more of your stories and chapters to this epic tale!  
kairi789 replied...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 3:40 pm
I read your story, I really liked it. I love fantasy and science fiction stories! I mostly write teenage romance stories. I just can't seem to write about anything else. I have submited six other chapters if you want to read those.
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