i thought i couldn't love...

April 8, 2010
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I sighed as i saw a couple kissing lovingly and made my way down the street and headed home,....I hated seeing all that mushy gushy crud it alway's gave me a funny feeling inside...like i couldn't ever feel something as amazing as love....so i often envied those who could love...I was lost in my own thought's when i bumped into you " sorry " i replied dryly " it's alright " i heard you say curiously i looked up at you and met a pair of shining brown eyes that immediately made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. You smiled at me and gently took my hand and began to lead me somewhere i didn't pull away and i didn't question where we were going i just followed after awhile we reached the most beautiful meadow i have ever seen You smiled at me and i blushed at your beautiful smile " do you like it? " i nodded " it's beautiful " he grined " good i hopped you would like it i sort of picked it out for you " i blushed as i stood in the many roses and flower's in the meadow " why? " i asked " why me? why do you choose me? " i needed to know. There just wasn't a possibility that i could love and be loved in return, then you walked up to me and put your hands on my cheek's. I put my hand's on your's on a reflex " because your as beautiful as a angel " he said " your smile is like sunshine and your eye's are like the brightest of star's in the darkest of skies " then your sweet lips touched my forhead, then my nose, then finally my lips and for the first time in my life i didn't pull back....

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