Without Him

April 8, 2010
He made me happy. All the time, every time I set my brown eyes on his green eyes, I was happy. He made me feel like somebody when no one else did. He was my world, when my world was falling apart. At the risk of sounding corny he made my frown go upside-down. We were in love.
Everyday. Well if some things would last forever. We said we each others sun, we need each other to survive. To be at my embarrassment, kissing him was like floating in mid-air, it was wonderful. His embrace of his arms tickled my heart. Laying on his chest and smelling his sweet smell.
Growing from middle school crushes to high school lovers was everything I’d hope for. But things can change when God wants them to. When a mistake happens that you cannot even come close to stopping happens, what can you possibly do? The puzzle was one piece away from being finished, before someone came and threw the puzzle to the ground losing so many pieces.
Why would God let this happen? How could he let it happen, we were in so much love. Tears formed and cascaded to the floor at the thought of this. His last words were “I love you”. And his last move was reaching into his pocket for something. Why was this man, who was rammed into our car, drunk? Why were we driving this late night to the video store? The pain on my heart brings me agony, to the fullest. This pain was unbearable.
He loved me. And I loved him. When he reached into his pocket at the last moment of his life, he was reaching to hand me a small, red, velvet box. When I received this box I opened it to see a diamond ring. I cried. How could God take him from me? Why didn’t God take me too? Why would he leave like this? Now I have to live my life… Without him.

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