Hello, Goodbye

April 8, 2010
It starts when you have nothing and she becomes yours. It starts with one word and ends with another. If only the last word never came. Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye. Melissa and I fell in love so fast, but it was so pure and true. She made me laugh and smile. Her smile. It was like a goddess. She was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Everything I ever yearned for.
She was beautiful like fresh diamonds. Her hair: thick black, her eyes: dark brown eyes, close to black. She was a queen, I was her king. When she was mad I would grab her tight, when she would cry I’d wipe her tears away and kiss her cheeks and when she was lonely I’d talk to her all night, till the rooster woke. We were so young, only eighteen. I wanted her hand in marriage, I wanted to be able to wake up and see her beautiful face every morning. Our love was like no other, and everyone knew that.
That night I didn’t want to say goodbye to her, I said “I love you” and reached for my pocket. But it was too late, I was gone but, before I was I heard the faintest cry, “HELP!” But I was gone before anyone came. If this car was rammed into my small Honda, if I didn’t have the bright idea to go to the video store maybe I would still be holding her. But now the love of my life is alone, crying and without me there to say “Hello, I love you, don’t worry, I won’t leave you.” She must live here, without me.

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