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April 8, 2010
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It was cool being back in Japan again, even though I don’t remember much from when I lived there the first time. All I truly remember is her……Kempa. She was a year older than me but we were great friends, we always played at the park together and if I’m not mistaken she was a cutie. He looked around the room at his classmates and sighed.

“If only life could be as simple as that.”
“Toshiya? Toshiya! Toshiya stop daydreaming!” screeched the math teacher
“Oh I’m sorry Mrs. Okichi” he said with a small smile “I’m just getting used to all this.”
“Very well then,” Mrs. Okichi turned to the chalkboard “today Ms. Koji will show you around.

As Koji stood the whole entire male portion of the class went silent and gulped. He quickly noted that she was unnaturally gorgeous. She sat back down and the males quickly regained their composure as many girls gave them evil glares. One girl in particular caught eyes with Toshiya and blushed. His mind wandered the usual question.

“Is that another lovesick girl?”

Unfortunately for Toshiya the girls flocked toward him in America, he definitely didn’t want that type of attention here in Japan. He liked girls but no girl has ever had what he needed to make him whole or even happy. So he just turned them all down.

As the bell for lunch rang Toshiya waited for everyone to leave so that he may avoid his tour guide. His planned failed and she was waiting there in the short tight school uniform that clouded most guys judgments.
“Hello Toshiya right?,” she held out her hand which he did not reach to shake “My name is Takima Koji, but people just call me Taki.”
Toshiya responded firmly “My name is Jin Toshiyama, It is a pleasure to meet you Taki.”
“I hope the tour isn’t long because I skipped breakfast.” He chuckled trying to sound as unappealing as possible.
“Oh don’t worry you will get a nice treat at the end of the tour,” Taki grabbed his hand “Come on lets go!”

Throughout the whole lunch period Taki took him to key points in the school. The main office which was surprisingly empty but as he thought again it was lunch time. The gymnasium which was also empty but consisted of an indoor track and he quickly made a note of that. When they got around the whole entire school, he realized that the school was empty.
“Umm Taki where are all the students and teachers?” He inquired softly
“Out to lunch,” she said with a smirk “Its only us here now…finally I’ve had my eye on you since you walked in Toshiya.”

Taki moved closer to him and he backed away into the wall. Lust consuming her mind and thoughts of trouble brewing in his; she got closer and grabbed his hand. She moved her face closer to his and puckered her perfectly glossed lips. Footsteps in the hallway quickly instigated a scream from her mouth and the words:

“Oh Crap!”

Quickly formed in his mind; within seconds Taki and his positions had been changed; she was on the floor bawling while he stood confused. Within moments the entire male student body was upon them asking questions and receiving lies for an answer.
“All I was doing was giving him a tour of the school,” she sobbed “Then all of a sudden he was all over me!”

Even before He had the chance to be dumbstruck by what she said, thousands of punches and kicks pummeled his body. Experiencing that many kicks to the groin, legs, and stomach fortunately didn’t wear him out. The best part was when they threw him out the window and then to top it off dropped the desks on top of him.
Fortunately for him the first kick to the groin knocked him out.

3 weeks later Jin awakes from a well needed coma to an empty dark hospital room. He quickly recalled what happened to him and the heart rate monitor exploded due to his anger. As he tried to get up many wires and devices unplugged making a symphony of annoying noises. Still no one came as he slowly painfully fell to the floor, suddenly he felt a pang in his shoulder and remembering that pain he realized he stitches came undone. Slowly oozing blood and losing strength he thought.

He awoke to an unfamiliar sight; his father. He rose quickly and bowed his head.
“Father what brings you here when you have such important business in America?”
“ I got a call saying that my son was in a coma,” His father said making sure to add disgust in his voice “You are coming back to America with me.”
His father pointed to the plane tickets on the table. Then turned to leave the room.
“No,” murmured Jin “I’m staying here father!”
His Father turned and smiled “ Good I didn’t want you there anyways,” He ripped up the tickets “I will be in Japan from now on anyways, so do me a favor be a good little demon ok?”
Jin hid his face and replied “ Yes father.”

The next day he stumbled to school to face the lies brought upon him. The administration of the school didn’t punish him for what he was accused of doing but neither did they punish his aggressors. He walked into class 3A with his crutches and sat In his normal seat near the third window on the left. No one uttered a word but he could feel their minds talking about him, and that made him angry until a soft hand touched his shoulder.

He turned around to see the girl that he exchanged glances with weeks before, she slyly slipped a note into his hand and walked to her seat. That day was his hardest day ever he made up over 43 assignments and 12 research projects. By the time he read the note that said: “Meet me after school behind the gym” it was about 8pm, 7 hours after school had ended. He hoped that she hadn’t waited the whole time and packed his stuff.

As he passed the gym it started to rain so he pulled out his umbrella and held it with his mouth. He had the notion to stop by the gym and there she was getting soaked by the rain. He quickly stumbled to her and put the umbrella over her head which was a feat because he was on crutches carrying a ton of books.
“I’m terribly sorry!” He bowed causing him to lose balance and fall in a puddle of water.
“I knew you would come sooner or later,” she said as she lifted him up “ Even if it would take a few years.”
She smiled and immediately he knew who this girl was.
“Hi my name is Tsukaki Kempa, I’m glad that you came,” she smiled and wiped rain along with tears off her face, he made a note of that “ I don’t believe that you were trying to get with Taki, but I want to hear it from your lips.”

“Among with other loving words”
She thought to herself.
“ I had no intention of touching or even meeting that girl.” he said with a snarl
Kempa grabbed his hand and sighed with relief.
“Now I am on your side.” she said with a blush and anxious movements
He couldn’t even smile with how fast his heart was racing. His phone rang and it was his limousine driver asking of his whereabouts. After a short explanation he hung up the phone and looked toward Kempa.
“Well,” he choked over her name “ Shall we walk milady, my driver will pick us up on tea lily road.”
Kempa smiled.

“If only I could say the words, three little words”

During the whole car ride he couldn’t help but wonder if this was really his Kempa. She was older now but she seemed to have the same face and hair. He wondered some more then started to remember; something grim had happened one day as they played. The memories flushed toward him like the first waves of a tsunami. His heart raced faster as the memory flashed deep in his mind; he fell over in his seat and the limousine blared like a siren.
“What is going on!” Screeched Kempa as the limo jerked and stopped suddenly.

The driver quickly jumped out of the car, grabbed a needle from a secret compartment, and injected Jin with it. Immediately the alarm stopped and Kempa stared at the driver puzzled.
“Master Toshiyama has heart problems, I’m sorry for the disturbance miss?” he said with a concerned smile.
“Kempa.” she said felling a bit more at ease.
“Miss Kempa I must bring Master Toshiyama home first then bring you home okay?” The driver said while claming into the front seat.

The ride to the manor was long and quiet. Jin lay passed out on the floor next to Kempa’s feet. She couldn’t help noticing how handsome he looked even in his tattered state. A smile swept across her face because she knew that this was her Jin. Within her childhood she met a boy that took her heart, he even risked his life for hers, and now he was in her life again. She stared into his eyes and the words came to her.

“ I Love you. I always will! I just hope that I can tell you someday soon.”
She didn’t even notice that they reached the manor until the driver opened the door and snatched Jin off the floor. She looked out the window to see the Hakoshi mansion. Her jaw dropped as she saw the beauty of the moonlight reflecting off the walls of the castle-like mansion. The driver walked into the mansion letting out enough light to blind the sun and just then Jin’s father walked out. Their eyes met and the butler quickly took Jin from the driver.
“It still surprises me how you can still pick him up at your age.” Jin’s father said with a smile
“All in a days work My lord,” bowed the driver “ Excuse me but I must return Master Toshiyama’s friend to her family.”
“Her….do you think that is his girlfriend Sanko?” Inquired Lord Toshiyama
“No My lord,” smiled Sanko the driver “That is Miss Kempa.”
Lord Toshiyama smiled and said “Well what are you waiting for Sanko, get that young lady home.”

Sanko bowed and took the envelope from his Lord’s hand. He entered the car and asked for the address to Kempa’s house for the safe ride home. She told him and minutes later they stopped in front of the Kempa Dojo. Sanko got out and opened the door for her.
“Miss Kempa this is from Lord Toshiyama,” he handed her the envelope and a letter for her mother “ He said he is sorry for the inconvenience and he sends his well to the family.”

Before Kempa could reply Sanko drove off and Kempa walked into her house as the clock struck 1am. Kempa’s mother waited for her in her room and started to yell.
“TSUKAKI KEMPA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!” her mother yelled loud enough for the whole street to hear.
Kempa said nothing, handed her mother the note from Jin’s Father and walked into the bathroom.
“WHAT IS THIS!” her mother yelled and then noticing the seal was from the Toshiyama family lowered her voice. She opened the letter and read it silently.

“My dear Kohiku it seems that our children have met once again, bringing each other into our lives for the second time. I still remember when we first met that day in high school, you mean the world to me to this day, and I wish you well in everyway.”


P.s. Would you mind looking after my son please, I have a feeling that Tsukaki and him will be spending a deal of time together. Also here is some money for the trouble I may have caused.

Within the envelope was about 900,000 yen and as she felt it, she burst into tears with a smile. She would always love that heartbreaker Toshiyama.
Meanwhile Kempa fumbled to open the envelope that was given to her. Within it was half a million yen for her trouble, keys to the Toshiyama estate, and a letter.
She opened the letter and read it softly to herself.

“Dear Kempa,”

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