His and Hers

April 7, 2010
She could feel the cool water trickle over her toes as she tiptoed from rock to rock. They felt smooth as she touched them. Holding her arms out for balance she poised her fingers into gentles floating entities, a habit she acquired from so many years of ballet. She danced above the water with toes pointed, arms stretched, eyes up. The shadows of the trees above danced off her skin and made her seem to be almost see through as the breeze shook them. The sun ,ay have had something to do with it but she always seemed to have a glow about her.
He watcher her tiptoe from rock to rock with her legs outstretched and her hands poised in the air. The shadows danced off her features and he was captivated. He saw each movement flow through her body as gently and easily as the water trickling over her toes. The sun shone on her hair and it spun around her like a halo. This, right here, watching her dance, so peaceful and easy, this is when he knew he was in love.

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Lexi-pex said...
May 13, 2010 at 4:04 pm
very insightful, loved it! keep writing!
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