Forbidden Love of Two Nations

April 6, 2010
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Forbidden Love of Two Nations
Far off in a distant place there is a land called Utophiia, This land was split into 2 nations each having its own ruler. One nation was called Zion ruled by emperor Zyro and empress Yasmine (pronounced Jasmine). The second nation was called Xyian ruled by emperor Khyailyn and empress Chianne (pronounced Sheyenne). The nations considered themselves brethren and every year the two nations would come together and have their annual year nation’s ball. But this time something happened that turned the two nations against each other, that night both nations had something very important to them stolen from xyian it was a talement and for Zion it was the statue to their late king made entirely of gold. Both kings sent scrolls demanding that each king send back their belongings or they will bring an unnecessary war upon themselves.

The two empresses were not informed of these certain maters because both were carrying the future heirs to the throne. Both kings were furious and one night king Zyro went to the nation of Xyain and raided the kingdom awakening the whole nation causing grief to those in the villages and caused king khyailyn to become so upset that as soon as they left for home he sent his warriors to follow them. When king Zyro entered into the gates of his kingdom Khailyn’s warriors attacked throwing fireballs over their walls but king Zyro was whisked way to help his wife who had been in labor for 13 hours. The maids were concerned because she had been in that condition since he had left to raid Xyian. All Zyro could do was stand there with fear in his eyes and pray for the best, but then suddenly the maids began to call out to him Master…. Master come quickly! he ran to his wife’s side “what’s wrong with her! Why isn’t she breathing?!” he yelled Empress Yasmine had stop breathing and she was still in the process of having the baby.

Their most trusted maid Zarah proceeded to pump her chest for a while nothing happened but then she began to breathe again. After she became came back she continued to give birth to the baby, when the baby was born they realized that he was born with his eyes closed (traditionally all baby’s were born with their eye’s open). Zarah went to King Zyro He… he’s blind master she cried all zyro could do was close his eye’s somberly he turned away and went to his wife’s side. As Zyro paced back and forth searching for the right words to tell yasmine she looked up He’s dead isn’t he she cried It’s all my fault I …I she cried zyro grabbed her hand He’s not dead … He’s blind he smiled and kissed her cheek. Yasmine smiled as Zarah brought the baby boy to her “we will name him Khai… Khai is a strong name for a strong boy”.

Some days passed 4 days to be exact Khai was not like any other baby he was the highlight of his parent’s lives. It happened that on that same day empress Chianne was giving birth to a healthy baby girl who they named Maylee. As the years moved on and the prince and princess grew older learning the betrayal of their brethren they began to have such hatred for one another. It was finally their 17th birthday in Xyian they had a huge dinner party in honor of their daughters engagement to Kenneth the son of a noble knight. Maylee did not want to marry him she believed he was pig headed and shallow. Hello my pet he said to maylee, you will be a fine prize by my side he smiled. Maylee was very upset with what he had said to her Just think Kenneth a noble’s son marrying princess maylee how tragic? She said in walked off. Over in Zion they were having a ball for prince Khai was to be marrying Sahara who he thought only was happy with the good life she wanted nothing but the best. In the garden she followed him I want nothing but the best gold and all she demanded. He was in disbelief how are you so certain that I will even marry you huh he said. And he left her standing there.

Trouble was brewing for maylee sent two warriors to capture khai who was nothing she expected. As they threw him out of the wagon she laughed you dummies you snatched the wrong one I said PRINCE KHAI! She yelled excuse me said khai that’s me but why would you take me? he asked. She laughed only ofcourse your family will not surrender unless we had something very precious to them she said now come here she said, but where are you? He replied ugh! I’m right here what are you blind she said. He moved his head a little to the side yes I am he said. Maylee couldn’t believe it she had captured Zion’s prince who she thought would be pigheaded and full of himself when he turned out to be blind.

This is so insane she said pacing back and forth you know what I’ll just put you in a chamber and have my personal maid be your guide. She was not going to let him being blind rain on her parade so she went into her parents telling them the good news. Our plan has worked perfectly only he’s blind therefore we must care for him I have already given him my personal maid Sara as a guide and nothing further has be done for the moment father she said hugging her mother . We are proud of you daughter no go check on our prisoner her father replied. When she went into the chamber to see Khai she saw him looking at her but knew he couldn’t see her who’s there? he said frightened, she moved in closer and swept a piece of hair from his face it’s just me don’t worry my father wants nothing to do with you he’s put me in charge and no harm will come to you or out of any of this I promise we just want our belongings returned and the war ended Maylee replied.

Khai managed a smile that Maylee seemed to noticed…. I don’t see what’s so funny about being stolen away from your home into a nation that hates your guts so tell me why do you laugh? She asked puzzled, he touched her face in a small motion because he wasn’t really sure if it was her cheek and said because there’s something more to you than meets the eye you are different from them you don’t like the war you want it to end don’t you? Maylee backed away what are you talking about I am the next in line for the crown it’s not what I want it’s what’s best for my kingdom I …. Khai kissed her I am sorry I just went for it he apologized. She was in complete shock she couldn’t believe that the person she believed was nothing more that an egotistic maniac would be so kind, gentle , sweet , and caring.

Maylee then realized that her actions and feelings toward what had just happened and toward Khai was not acceptable not only in her kingdom but in her family’s eye’s and his kingdom and family’s eye’s. She backed away touching the handle to the door I never should have allowed that to happened, it’s totally inappropriate and unacceptable and from now on you and I will not speak to each other or even acknowledge each other so that an incident like this never occurs again and she left leaving Khai confused and hurt.
Later on that day khai had the maid servant take him to where Maylee was Hey …um I know what happened was way out of line but I I haven’t felt this way ever and I don’t know how it will turn out but I think I love you Maylee….. he said.

Maylee turned around with a face showing anger and pain No! I don’t have the same feelings about you I was just caught of guard the other night when you so abruptly mistook my lips for a cup of water…..huh Listen she said turning around to hide the tears I like you I do but it’s just not meant to be, you see you and I ca n never be… Khai interrupted in anger Why … is it because your afraid of what your parents will think of you … or is it that you afraid to be judged by your kingdom for your decision? He grabbed her hand I love you and I know you feel the same or you wouldn’t have even took the time to listen to what I had to say our love should be enough for you shouldn’t it? He asked her. Maylee pushed away I … I just don’t know if it will be that’s what imp afraid of she said while he hugged her tight smiling Don’t worry I will always be here he said softly in her ear.

While the two young lovers were busy sneaking off on their own little adventures, Khai’s parents were so hurt when they received the heart hurting letter saying to surrender or lose your son forever. King Zyro was furious I will rip off his head and have my men ravage their nation a leave their bodies for their wild animals to feed off he said while his wife could do nothing but cry. Then she looked up Oh! You know that taking something this close to our hearts was the only way for you to listen Zyro you wouldn’t have listened otherwise im tired of this war and I want my baby back just give up and see if we can all come to some sort of agreement she pleaded.

The king was in disbelief of the words that had emerged from the lips of his wife, how can you be in their favor when they have taken the one thing that means the world not only to us but to our nation? He demanded an answer she screamed loudly in anger You will not only lose your son Zyro ……Your going to lose me to …I …I cant handle all this stress this here is killing me and I don’t know how much more I can bear so for my sake please I beg you stop this and get my boy back. With those words left hanging in the air the empress left the chamber hall leaving Zyro to think.

Back in the land of Xyian the two lovers decided it was time that their parents knew of their love for each other when Maylee told her parents her mother was overjoyed while her father was upset. I will not allow this to go on in my presence I will not let it go on at all he will be thrown in the dungeon and the plan will continue as planned he ordered. Maylee was not going to allow her father to choose anything for her anymore she was make her own decisions and for herself and no one else. I love him and we want to be together and we will and I am sending a letter inviting his parents to our land so that they can see him after all it’s been 4 months and we are going to fix this patch in this land I mean it no more father will I let you control me ever again.

And that’s how the land parted and came back together the two lover informed Khai’s parents who at first didn’t approve but over time grew to understand that they were in love there was nothing they could do to stop them from seeing each other. In the end the young lovers got married became rulers of both nations and had 4 children by the name of Kenyon, Anya, Jeoff, and Lexinton2 boys and 2 girls who are the next generation to take over the throne. And as a result of working so hard to end each other the two nations became one through the love of two young lovers who fought for the right to be in love with each other and they lived happily ever after.

The End

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