Second Chance

April 6, 2010
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Chapter one. Second wishes or second chances?

His soft warm hands gripped her bright red cheeks and looked in her bright green eyes and leaned in and kissed her soft warm lips that had a hint of vanilla lip gloss for the first time. When they kissed she felt EVERTHING and she didn’t want to stop kissing his perfect self. Chess couldn’t imagine anyone as perfect as Josh. When she closed her eyes she felt as she was floating on thin air and the clouds where holding her so that she would fall to the ground. She let her imagination run for a while before the sound of the shirking 2 minute bell telling them that they had to go to class.

Chess found out that Josh was cheating on her with a blonde haired, big chest, stupid cheer caption for the last 4 months they have been dating. But Josh didn’t mean to cheat on Chess. He kept on telling Chess that he was drunk and his friend took his phone and called her and asked her out. But Josh didn’t know his friend had done that. Josh really loved Chess and she was all he could think about he chocked when he found out that the cheer caption was his girlfriend and he knew that chess would soon find out and dump him. But most of all, Chesses mother was in the hospital under series condition because someone ran into her head on going 34 mph. So this pretty much tells you that Chess is having a worst of days.

“Chess wait up I really need to talk you, please just give me a second chance to tell you everything before you assume like you always do Chess, PLEASE!” Josh yelled down the gold and black with a wildcat painting on the wall of the narrow hall way of the high school as other kids that attended the school started to snicker and talk about them saying some mean and nasty things about Chess and Josh. She tried to walk faster but her pace, as usual, was no match for the track star, and before she could start running he was already beside her holding her arm “Josh what you want NOW?” Chess was yelling at Josh. Josh was a tall, thin, strong, handsome guy with shaggy brown hair and sparkling emerald eyes. Well pretty much the average cute football player, track star and everything you could imagine he could be in, and the fact that she could call him hers? That was something to brag when you walking into the girls bathrooms and gossip about everyone else and get the inside of who is dating who and who is cheating on who and what not.

Josh was running through the gold and black narrow halls of the high school to catch up with Chess to tell her he was very sorry. Then when Chess turned around to see how far back Josh was to see if she could take a small breather for all the running she was doing to stay way from her and out of no where Josh grabs her by the arms and forced her into the room closes to them which happened to be the hall closet.
“Chess…I can explain! just listen!” she rolled her eyes and was going to make a run for the small the door at the other end of the small closet, but before she knew it, he grabbed her hand whirled her around and asked with a plead in his weak trembling voice looking into her bright green eyes with fear that she has never seen from Josh, “Listen, I have never met a girl like you Chess, and you know I’ve been through a lot of rough spots lately and that you’re the only girl that I can talk to when I fell down and need comfort, and I cant stand losing THE most important thing to me…without you I am NOTHING…so please, just please, listen to me?” Josh was begging her. She has never seen him this weak and desperate before. Her face was expressionless and she couldn’t choke out the words she wanted to say but as soon as she was going to speak Josh puts his finger over her warm soft lips. She saw in his emerald eyes and saw that he meant what he said but it was just something in her heart “Do you want me to prove this to you Chess? DO YOU?” He was practically yelling, she immediately started stuttering and tripping over her words but, he cut her off, “When I see your beautiful green eyes, I melt, I feel like I am staring at an endless pool of water. I know what you’re about to say, how many other girls have you said that to? But everything is different with you. I mean every single word I am saying right now.” she froze and was looking into his eyes, this passion for her just jumped out of nowhere; she didn’t know how to handle it this was her first love and she was well shocked to here all this. She took a deep breath and slowly started saying her words, “Okay….umm wow….that was interesting...Josh you know I love you to death and that you were my First love, First kiss, First boyfriend and that will never change, you mean absolutely everything to me. The way I feel about you is like you telling me to explain how water taste, Difficult, I never want to loose you and I hope I spend the rest of my life with you Josh.” Josh was starting tearing up, the big jock, and king of the school almost crying? All she could do was look at him with her wide green eyes and wondered what was going through his head that moment. His soft hands gripped her beautiful red cheeks and he kissed her he didn’t stop till they ran out of air. Now normally, in the old days, a kiss was just a kiss, but this one…she actually felt a spark…he pulled away breathless, and she took his hand and brushed it across her cheek. She closed her eyes reliving those past few seconds over, and over again in her mind. She heard him start to chuckle quietly and she quickly shot her eyes open. He leaned over and whispered in her ear “You know that your blushing my love?” she leaned in closer and whispered “I don’t care anymore.” and she kissed him. When she pulled away he asked “so I take it you forgive me eh?” she laughed and said “you’re so stupid.” as they shared that last kiss before they had to go to class before they got caught and had to go to D-Hall. When they walked out from the small closet. When they walked out a teacher was looked at them and was wondering why they were in the closet together and when they told her she just let them go like nothing ever happened. I guess the teacher knew that something was wrong.

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--LoveHappens-- said...
Apr. 24, 2010 at 8:52 pm
A bit confusing. Very choppy. A few run of sentences. But I love the romantic aspect. A little advise-- you need to blend in the description. Instead of saying what he looks like incorporate so it flows easily. Please take a look at my work and leave a comment especially The Pretty One thanks so much and good job.
Fallen_Cries replied...
Apr. 26, 2010 at 7:29 am
i am still working on it... i am adding more... and i willl...
Frizzedliz said...
Apr. 23, 2010 at 4:23 pm

I think you have great details.

Just a side note: some of the spelling is incorrect, and it takes a few seconds to really understand the meaning of the sentence.


Fallen_Cries replied...
Apr. 26, 2010 at 7:28 am
thanks(: but i am not that great of a speller...
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