ex-boyfriends datin best friends but secretly still loves you

April 10, 2010
By IsabelleLee13 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
IsabelleLee13 BRONZE, Scottsville, Kentucky
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have you ever dated someone and still love them, but they are with your best friend? well, i had that happen to me and it stincks because i still love him and the baad thing is, he knows i still love him. what he doesnt know is, that i know he still loves me and wants me back.
one day i texted him saying that i was joana and asking him abunch of questions. he told me that he still loved me and he would take me back, but the sad part is, he dont want to hurt the other girls heart.i was so shocked that he wanted me back, but he doesnt want to hurt the other girl, but i got news for him, he hurt me! yes, i was the one who broke up with him, but then i got back together with him, but then he broke up with me.
before i dated him, he dated my other friend and she dumped him because she didnt want to get to deep into the relationship. she tried to warn me that i didnt need to date him, but i didnt listen to her and fell in love with him and before i knew it, i was to far into that relationship, that i knew it would hurt when it ended. well i couldnt stay in the relationship, so i had one of my friends tell him it was over, but i got back with him that same day. ya, i know, im crazy. he is nice and everything, and the good side to dating him was, that he was a football player!!
he needs to tell me that he still loves me and maybe me and him could be friends with benfits, or we could date. i still love him, and he still loves me, so we are meant to be!!
love is like heaven, but hurts like hell. that is what my friends say when ever they fall in love, and then get dumped. i guess they are right. so i would stay away from love, but i cant, im a teenage girl for cring out loud! people are meant to get hurt in life, even in relationships, but hey, you just got to risk gettin hurt. everybody should know that when you date when you are a teenager, the relationship will most likely not last.
so have fun date here and there, but there is no need of getting hurt every time you date.

The author's comments:
i got my inspiration from me and my friend cuz that really happened to my friend.

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