Everything Happens For a Reason... Right?

April 2, 2010
By Anonymous

The rain just kept pouring. I hope it would hide my tears. Does he notice? Is it noticeable to anyone? He hasn’t said anything, he’s probably expecting it though, I mean, he should, considering he just broke up with me. He broke my heart into little pieces, too little to put together anytime soon. Maybe he purposely brought me into the rain, so it was harder to see my tears, my sadness, my pain. I guess he wasn’t the right one after all.

“I’m so sorry Sophie, I just… I don’t think it would’ve worked out. I think being friends is better for us,” he said to me after the long pause.

I tried to calm myself down. Quit the crying. Everything happens for a reason, I thought to myself. It’ll all be okay in the end… I hope.

“It-it’s okay,” I finally replied. Now I’m sure he could tell I was sad. I’m sure he could hear the sadness in my voice. Wasn’t it just last night he told me he loved me? Everything was okay just last week, just last night. What did I do wrong?

“We can still be friends, I mean, if you want,” he said kind of weary about what he was saying. Does that mean he doesn’t WANT to be friends, he doesn’t even think THAT will work out?

“Y-yeah. I would like that,” I said stuttering.

“Sophie!!” I heard a voice calling from inside.

“Well, I guess that means you have to go now, doesn’t it?” He questioned, sounding like he thought this was the most awkward thing that ever happened to him.

“Uh, yeah. I guess so. I’ll… talk to you later then…? Bye,” I said, calmed down more than I was before. I started walking away, back to my house in the pouring rain with the light of the moon guiding my way.

“Bye…” I heard him whisper quietly.

I could feel him watching me as I walked inside quietly. I just wanted him to leave by this point. Why won’t he? Ugh. I then looked back. We made eye contact. Quickly he turned and walked towards his car.

“Bye…” I whispered to myself quietly. I wonder if he heard me because after, he paused for a split second. He probably didn’t though. Just my imagination, wishing that had never happened.

I opened the creaky house door. Everyone that was sitting at the kitchen table playing a game of cards just turned and stared. I never thought about this. Now I would have to explain. Explain why my eyes were all red and why my make-up was all over my face. And so I did.

The author's comments:
Nothing really inspired me to write it, some parts have actually happened to me though. I was so tempted to write something though when I saw there was a choice to write and submit romance.

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