Your Lips Taste Like Strawberries

April 2, 2010
They are on the floor of her bedroom, where they told her mom that the two would be studying late into the night on a huge project. It's a Saturday, but Lorelei's mom believed her.

Matthew suddenly experiences a blast of adrenaline. For the past month or so, he had been crushing on her, to everyone's knowledge except her.

In a rush, he did what he had been longing to do for forever and a day. Taking her hands in his, wrapping them around his waist and pulling her close to his body, Matthew touched his lips to hers. Lightly at first, because of his nervous butterflies. Two seconds passed. Lorelei suddenly overcame her shock, and responded to his brushing kiss.

I'm gonna take a chance... she thinks quickly without letting herself become nervous, before leaning into him a little more. That encouragement from her was what convinces Matthew to become more intense.

The surroundings all around them blur as they collapse to the ground- Lorelei's couch, her bed, the dresser, the two textbooks, left open on the floor... The only thing that matters is that he was holding her. His grasp is like life, so strong, but so free, and intoxicating. A tiny moan escapes between her lips. He stops immediately. Pulls away, questioning her with his eyes.

“That was pleasure. Now make me do it again...” she whispers into his ear. Smiling relieved, Matthew whispers back,


Thank God we're alone in her house tonight, Matthew's conscience murmurs. Or else, I never would have had the courage...

Gently, ever so gently, Matthew pulls away from her body, clinging to his like... well, lovers. “So, Lorelei, does this mean, that we're going out?” Matthew questions, curiously.

“Hmm.” Lorelei ponders the possibilities of dating her crush of two years. She smiles enticingly.

After hesitating for a split second, Matthew draws a conclusion. “I'll take that as a yes,” he states, smiling along with Lorelei as they embrace once more.

Five minutes pass. Ten. Thirty. Time seems to stop for the new-found couple. On the floor of her bedroom they stay, slowly drifting to sleep after a long while has passed.

Just before Matthew's eyes seal shut, Lorelei places a lazy, late-night kiss on his upper lip.

“Your lips taste like strawberries,” he whispers ever so quitetly.

“I thought you didn't like strawberries?” worries Lorelei, suddenly scared that he won't want to be with her.

“I do now...” with Matthew's last words for the night, they both drift into dreams, in each other's arms. On the floor of her bedroom. Late Saturday evening.

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Catiestar said...
May 4, 2010 at 7:42 pm
That was completly beautiful. Great job, and keep it up!
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