Terribly Mistaken

April 1, 2010
By love_happiness BRONZE, Chilton, Wisconsin
love_happiness BRONZE, Chilton, Wisconsin
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I saw you standing over there just like every other day. What made today special was when you actually looked my way. I could feel the sparks start to fly as i caught a glimpse of something new in your eye. It was a look of i cannot begin to describe. But it definately was a very good vibe. When our eyes finally met, i could see you start to smile. My world began to spin at about 1,000 miles. Just as I was about to walk your way, you yelled out "HEY!" I was about to say, "hi!" back but as the words were about to come out, I saw her. She ran up to you and you lifted her into a twirl. Now I felt like i was going to hurl.

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