April 1, 2010
By driftingheart SILVER, Teague, Texas
driftingheart SILVER, Teague, Texas
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"Karen." His whisper filled her ears and she unconsciencely quickened her pace. Left, right, left,, right. Don't let it happen again, get away, now. "Karen..," a little louder now. She began to run. "Please....Karen...." he desperately moaned. Oh no. She turned on her heel and her strong eyes met his unsteady gaze. His hair carelessly fell across his forehead and wisps grazed his eyes. Those dark brown eys that have so often found their way into and out of her heart--Slamming doors or leaving them open as if it was a game. She stood staring at him as he looked at her with his arms raised in question. The agony in his expression beckoned for a hug...or at least one step closer...DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! Tearing herself away from the sight, Karen began walking away, faster this time. "Karen...Karen...PLease..." He took two long strides with ease and gently took hold of her wrist. His touch sent rays of electricity through her, but she tried to resist. Arms flailing and feet kicking, but she was already weakened by those brown eyes...His arms reached out and rested on her shoulders as he lightly held her body against the wall of the school. She forced herself to look down and away from the pleas his eyes held. Dont look up, dont look up. It was too much, it was too late. His finger tip was already pushing tendenderly at her chin. Her eyes met his and she was lost. His low voice started again, "Karen...I honestly can't--you--we really can't--" his sentence came to a stop. He was at a loss for words. So was she. Oftentimes, she worried about their lack of words--their secrecy. But at this moment, the passion that his words failed to describe....was enough. How could you stay away from him? She caught herself gazing just the same and her fingers ran through his hair as their lips touched. Again.


A kiss, a smile. He looked up and strode away. Seemingly unconscience of what had just taken place. Leaving her unexpressed feelings behind. Her cold, empty gaze fell apon his receding shadow as she felt herself hit the ground. Again.

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on May. 5 2010 at 8:57 pm
driftingheart SILVER, Teague, Texas
9 articles 0 photos 4 comments
Some of the words were supposed to be italic, but I didn't know how to add that when I wrote it. If the point of view seems inconsistant or strange at some parts, that would be why =/

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