Fate: Chapter Four - Picnic Pt.4

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

“I know this might not take you by surprise either…” Both my hands grasped his face and pulled it close to my own so my lips only just touched his ear. “But the feelings pretty mutual.” I whispered it softly in his ear, trying to temp him.

Then I felt the warm sensation of his lips peck the soft area below my ear, then my jaw, my cheek, the corner of my mouth… he paused in front of my lips and looked deep into my eyes asking or permission. I let him have it. And slowly are faces began moving towards each other until our lips met in the middle. Fire burned inside me when his soft lips formed with mine. The taste of his sweet breath enthralled me and made it as though the rest of the world melted away, and there was only us together in this enchanted binding of two souls. He was much too gentle and cautious when he brushed his lips against mine, he guessed I would take things a little far, and he was right.

I tangled my fingers through his hair and he did the same with mine, Grasping on to it as though he would never let go. Then his gentle intentions turned more aggressive, passionate. And he tilted his head into mine deepening the kiss. I mimicked his every motion until we were no longer two people, but one, moving together in perfect harmony. All of a sudden my free will had completely given in and my bones grew weak and collapsed to the ground, but our lips never parted.

I made tiny noises of disagreement when he began to pull away, smiling. Unfortunately he noticed when we were crossing the line. He moved his lips to my neck and collar bone, brushing across them delicately while I tousled his hair.

“John…” I said cautiously not wanting to ruin such a perfect moment.

“Yes.” He purred moving back up to my face and hovering against it.

We were sprawled out on the picnic blanket and the sun had sunk beneath the cliff long ago causing the sky to become dark and sprinkled with constellations.

“What am I suppose to tell to my parents when I try to explain where I was the following night.” He released from his grip and rolled over on to his back.

I cuddled into him and wrested my head against his chest. I listened to his racing heart beat out of control. It was even more excited than my own. Now I understood why he had stopped. I wasn’t going to be the one who couldn’t be in command of myself, it was him. He tangled his fingers through my thick hair and kissed my temple.

“Let’s try to leave those questions until morning.” I nuzzled my head under his chin. I wrapped my legs around his not wanting to let go.

We gazed at the moon and stars together, staring into a world so much bigger than us, wondering what would happen next.

“Look.” I told him and pointed in the direction of a shooting star.

“Make a wish.” He told me. I closed my eyes and did as he told. When I reopened them he looked at me with curiosity sitting unsettlingly in his eyes.

“What did you wish for?”

“You know I can’t tell you that, or else it won’t come true.”

“Very well, have it your way.” He kissed me right above my eyebrow and I smiled.

We looked into the starry beyond together, our hearts as one.

“It’s so beautiful…” I commented meaning for it to be rhetorical.

“It is…” I looked over at him and he was staring at me. “And I don’t just mean the stars.” He reached his hand out to caress my cheek and I layered my own over top of his delicately.

I watched the reflection of the moon in his eyes and it was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. The moonlight made his emerald eyes sparkle even in the dark.

“John, can I ask you a question?” He smiled and grasped my hand, removing it from my cheek, and let it rest on his thigh.

“Anything.” I bit my lip hesitantly and looked at the blanket below me.

“Why exactly are you here?” I paused, waiting for a response but when I didn’t get when I sensed he was confused and continued with my question. “I mean, why are you here with me? Out of all people you could have brought here tonight, you choose me…” I glanced up to see his face but he was looking straight ahead with a serious expression on his face. I knew what that meant, no answer for me.

I let him sit in silence for awhile cursing myself for even expecting to get one good answer out of John but finally he turned to me. His face was still as stern, which I didn’t completely understand. it’s really not that difficult of a question is it? Or maybe it was…

“It’s not that simple Sam…” He squeezed my hand. “I couldn’t just go up and talk to anybody, let alone bring them here. You’re special. I thought you’d catch on to that.” He grinned easing the mood.

“But why am I so special? Look at me!” I said sarcastically. “I’m just your average teenage American girl.” He laughed and shook his head back and forth slowly.

“No. You’re much more than that.” I raised my eyebrows mordantly. “You’re Samantha Dawson. And trust me there is not one thing average about you that I have seen yet. You are so much different than other girls Sam.”

“Then let’s hear some examples.”

“Ok.” He chuckled. “First off, you’re smart.”

“So are a lot of people.”

“You didn’t let me finish.” He clasped both his hands around mine and stared sincerely into my eyes. “You’re smart, but don’t boast about it. Actually, I don’t think you even realize how much of a genius you are.” I rolled my eyes incredulously. “In fact I don’t think you realize a lot of things about yourself.”

“And how would you identify that John? We don’t exactly go way back you know.”

“I know, but I’ve always had a knack for analyzing people right away.”

“Prove it.” He took a deep breath to prepare himself and then began.

“You’re very double minded. You’re heart is always telling you one thing and you’re mind another.” I stared at him in shock. How did he know that? I hadn’t even realized I did that until right this moment. And now that I think about it, I do it a lot. I stared at him intently and he smiled knowing he had gotten it right then continued.

“You have a compassionate mind, Aren’t good with spur of the moment situations, Are willing to sacrifice things for your own well being just to make someone else happy…” His voice got softer and slowed in pace. He inched his face towards mine and spoke so low I would barely call it a whisper. “All those little things are what make us all unique, and I guess I wanted you because I liked you’re little things the best.” He took my face in his hand holding my lips away from his so he could finish speaking. “And there’s one more thing I think you should know. You truly are the most beautiful person I’ve ever know. Inside, and out.”

My insides began to flutter around inside me chaotically. I was speechless and I didn’t know what else to do to stop myself from blurting out something stupid. So I pulled his face close to mine so I could just taste his sweet breath and left the rest of the way for him. He smiled pleased with my reaction and kissed me tenderly.


We both fell asleep there under the tree on the cliff, and it was the best night of my life. I can never remember one where I had slept more soundly than when it was under the stars lying besides John. The loud, obnoxious, chirping of the birds woke me up way before John and I rested beside him silently and watched as he dreamt peacefully. Finally when the sun began to warm the earth and the bright light covered the earth once more he slowly opened his eyes from his blissful slumber.

“Good morning.” I said energetically and pecked him on the forehead.

John swore under his breath and stood up at once. He started mumbling other curses on himself as he began to fold up the blanket and put it away.

“What’s the matter?” I asked annoyed with his attitude.

“We weren’t supposed to stay all night!” He grumbled.

“Its fine, I’ll just tell my parents I spent the night at a friend’s house or something.” I assured but he wasn’t impressed.

“No you don’t understand.” He said frustrated. “You could have gotten hurt.” He lowered his voice and felt ashamed of himself.

“That’s silly. We’re in the middle of the woods, what possibly could have happened.”

“I don’t know! We could have been mauled by a bear or a tornado could have came or—“ I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him so he would stop talking.

“That’s highly unlikely.” His mood had calmed and he softly rubbed the small of my back.

“Maybe, but don’t want to take the chance.” I rolled my eyes at him and let him go finish packing up the motorcycle.

He finished quickly and soon we were off. I gave him directions back to my house along the way but he didn’t really need them. He claimed he knew the city enough he didn’t need directions and I didn’t question him, even though I was slightly suspicious because of his tone.

Due to Johns driving, and a few short cuts, we made it back to my house in no time. I jumped off the bike happily and handed him my helmet. He still hadn’t cut the engine of the bike so I was curious if he was planning on staying or not.

“Aren’t you coming?” I asked saddened because I already knew the answer.

“That’s not a good idea. You bringing a random guy home after you show up in yesterday’s clothes and not having checked in last night. That won’t really fit in with the whole you spending the night a friend’s house thing now will it?” I sighed melodramatically.

“I suppose your right…”

“I know I’m right. Now hurry up before someone see’s me.”

“But John, when will I see you again.”

“Don’t worry.” He said with a smile. “It won’t be long.”

With that he sped off into the distance leaving me dazed and confused. What a guy. I thought to myself. I skipped merrily up the porch thinking about what he had said last night…

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