Fate: Chapter Four - Picnic Pt.2

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

It was an overcast day so I was glad I had jeans on. I had decided on walking instead of taking my bike so the trip took a little longer than I had thought it would. I showed up on the sidewalk across from the theatre just as the clock tower struck noon. The gongs on the nearby churches sounded as did the one from the tower causing the birds nesting inside of it to flee through the windows. Mostly there were pigeons but I noticed one very out of place bird perching on the tip of the tower un-moving.

Was that a peregrine falcon? Impossible, those things never showed up in the city. Weren’t they like the fastest bird on earth or something? I doubt one would be hanging out in a bell tower. Oh well, I told myself, it’s probably just lost. But I was lying to myself. I swear that bird was looking right at me.

I turned my head away to look at the theatre and see if I could find Olivia. We noticed each other at about the same time and I waved energetically. She smiled weakly and tried to wave as enthusiastically as possible. Something was up. I looked for cars and crossed the street then went over to go stand by her.

“Hey.” She said. That’s when I noticed her outfit. She was wearing a soft pink sundress and her hair was curled and she looked like she must have spent forever on it. She looked really pretty. Way too pretty for just going to the movies.

“Hi. I like your dress, it’s really cute.” She looked down at her outfit and smiled.

“Uh Thanks.” We stared at each other in silence. I wasn’t going to ask what was wrong so she needed to tell me. After so more awkward silence Olivia started to speak.

“Sam I’m really sorry, truly I am but…”

“What?”I asked irritated.

“I meant to call you…”

Spit it out already Liv!”

“Well you see Peter called and invited me to go hang out on his parent’s boat.”

“So you’re cancelling?” I was hurt. Maybe today wasn’t going to be so good.

“Like I said I’m really sorry. But it’s Peter Sam! We’re practically dating now.” I tried to smile and pretend I wasn’t upset.

“It’s ok. Go have fun. I’ll just hang out down here or something…”

“Thanks Sam!” She hugged me. “Thanks for understanding. We’ll just go see the movie another time, I promise.” I shrugged. “Here’s Ian’s phone by the way.” She handed it to me.

“Thanks.” I said and watch her frolic down to the end of the corner and knock on the roof of a car. It was black Porsche Cayenne so I guessed it was Peter. His family was loaded. She hopped into the passenger seat and the car sped off. I stuck Ian’s phone in pocket. Great, now what was I suppose to do?

I wandered up and down Main Street until I stopped in front of the Horizon Books. I walked through the heavy glass doors and looked around. The place was covered from wall to ceiling in books. My jaw dropped, it was at least three times bigger than it looked outside. It even had a little area dedicated to a café.

I browsed the racks of the fantasy section until I found a book I found slightly interesting. I sat down at a small bench and read for about fifteen minutes before I decided being inside wasn’t very much fun.

I bought the book and went back outside to look for a good place to sit and read. Across the street I noticed a small ice cream shop with some cute tables and chairs out front. It was perfect! I could even have some ice cream while I read.

I hurried over to the store and waited in line for some moose tracks flavored ice cream, my favorite. Then I sat down by myself at the only table whose umbrella wasn’t up and continued to read. Normally this is the same thing I would have been doing if I was at home except for the whole outdoors part. That part I didn’t do very often, even though it really was my favorite thing. I loved the outdoors, the feeling of being in something so much bigger than yourself, something you can’t even imagine to control.

I was around half way through the chapter when the loud roar of a motorcycle engine broke my concentration. I looked towards the road just to see the completely black motorcycle and driver dressed with a black leather jacket, dark jeans, black motorcycle gloves, and a black reflective helmet that completely cover his face park the vehicle against a lamp post near my table.

“Um, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.” I told him as he stepped off the bike. He laughed from under his helmet. Then he lifted his hands and pulled it off his head. John Avery… what the hell was he doing here. I felt my heart pick up its pace but this time I wasn’t nervous, only excited.

“Oh really?” He sat his helmet on top of his bike, pulled off his gloves, then set them next to it. “And how would you know that, are you a police officer or something?” He joked. I had closed my book and now was only concentrated on him. His face, his eyes, his voice. John was here, and I was in raptures.

“No. Just a person with some common sense.” He laughed then walked towards me and leaned against the table.

“Well I kept my promise, didn’t I Sam?” He smiled at me and I blushed.

“Yes, yes you did. And I must say, I’m extremely glad you did.” Wow, for once in my life I wasn’t acting like a goof ball, I was playing it cool and I felt confident. How come all of a sudden I could talk to this boy? He pulled up a chair and sat beside me.

“I’m glad I did too.” He looked into my eyes and we had the sort of wordless conversation again. It was magical, like we were in our own little world with just the two of us. It was amazing.

“So where did you come from exactly? I mean you just sort of showed up out of the blue. Are you like stalking me or something?” He chuckled nervously and looked down at the table.

“Of course not. Just good timing.”

“Lucky me.” He started to fiddle with my book and flip through the pages nervously. So now the whole nerves thing was switched around, funny.

“Do you read a lot?” He asked randomly and it took me a minute to answer the question.

“I guess. There really isn’t anything else better to do around here.” He nodded understandingly.

“So you say there’s nothing to do around here?” He sounded suspicious, like he was planning something.


“Would you like to be proven wrong?” I was curious. He was quite an intriguing individual.

“What do you mean?” Without a word he stood up headed back over to his motorcycle. He then popped the seat and took out another helmet and it tossed it to me. Thank god I caught it. “John I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“And why Not?”

“I have a feeling a might regret it.” His face got serious. I could tell he was contemplating hard on something to say to make me go. He really wanted me, but I wasn’t going to make it so easy. I know I felt the same way but I didn’t want him to think he was as charming as he really was. Then he might get a big head and no bother to talk to me ever again. After a short minute he looked at me with a more friendly expression.

“The only things in life you regret are the risks you didn’t take.” He took the keys out of his pocket and dangled them temptingly. “Besides, it will be fun,” Another smiled appeared on his lips, “I promise.” Two voices argued with each other inside of me. The logical one telling me it was a horrible idea and the love dazed one urging me to go. I sided with the confused one overcome with love.

“I guess I’ll go, since you promised.” His facial expression looked overjoyed. It made me feel good that he was so happy I agreed.

I walked over to him while he redressed himself with his gloves and helmet and slipped my own helmet on. He took my book from me to put it in the seat and then hopped on the bike.

“Come on.” He said warmly while patting the seat behind him. I swung my leg over the side of the bike and wrapped my hands around his waist. My heart fluttered around inside me when it felt the warmth of him.

“Ready.” I said. And the bike roared to life. He revved the engine a couple times

“Hang on tight!” I squeezed my grip around his waist and he took off.

The hum of the engine relaxed me and made me comfortable enough to rest my head on his shoulder. It fit perfect heir, almost like two puzzle pieces coming together. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I could tell John was going way over the speed limit by the way the wind blew my hair much too fast. But I liked it, it made me feel rebellious. We were driving down the main road that ran along the coast of the bay and I took a deep breath in so I could take in the wonderful smell of the water. John suddenly brought the bike speeds down when we reached a red light and the bike halted to a stop. Before he was swerving around cars left and right like a pro but I guess he felt the need to stop at traffic signals, not because of the law, but because I was on the back.

“Where are we going anyway?” I finally asked. I didn’t want to question him when he was concentrated on driving but now seemed like an appropriate time.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Come on John.” I moaned

“Sorry, it’s a surprise.” He teased.

“Well I don’t like surprises.”

“I have a feeling you’ll like this one.” I was going to protest some more but the light turned green and he revved the engine so loud I couldn’t even hear myself think.

John continued to drive us farther and farther away from the city and through the hills on the outskirts of town. Everything was green here, it was beautiful. The road we were on went uphill and was completely deserted. All of a sudden John sudden near the top of the hill John slowed down and turned on to a narrow dirt path that you wouldn’t have noticed unless you knew it was there. The path led up hill and after about a two minute drive opened into a small area with no trees at the very peak of the hill that overlooked the bay.

John stopped the bike and I slowly, not wanting to let go, released my arms from around his chest. He got off first and gave me his hand for help. Graciously I took it and bounced off the bike. I tore off the helmet, because seriously it was like a million degrees in that thing, and set in on the ground near Johns. He had already removed his helmet and glove and set then next to a tree so he could find a place to put the bike. His kick stand was apparently broken so he ended up just leaning it up against the same tree he had set his helmet under.

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