Fate: Chapter One - Last Day Pt.5

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

“Thanks.” That’s all I could say now for my mouth was already jam-packed with popcorn. Penny and Ian both laughed at my effort to speak with a full mouth. After a few minutes of Ian cracking jokes and mindless chatter Ian headed over to a cabinet placed under his TV then pulled out a movie. He waved it in the air as if asking, “This one okay?” Penny smiled in approval and I nodded. It was a movie I had seen a few times before but I liked it and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. I recalled it being one of Ian’s favorites. Ian started the movie and not very far into it Penny soon joined Ian and I on the bean bag to get a spot closer to Ian’s small television. The cushiony seat was plenty big for two, but we had some trouble fitting three on to it. Eventually we all found a comfortable position and watched the movie.

By the time it had finished three empty mugs laid scattered on Ian’s floor and I was bloated from all the popcorn I had eaten. I stared gloomily at the empty bowl in my hands. Why did I have to eat it all? I could have stopped, but oh no, cheese popcorn was my weakness. All three of us lazily stoop up stretching out our limbs from being stuck in the same position for two hours. I shifted my gaze around Ian’s room while he removed the DVD and returned it to the case. Penny was talking to Ian about the plot in the movie or something. My eyes found Ian’s window before his clock. The clouds were pink and orange in the twilight sky and I decided now would be a good time to start heading home. I would be seeing Ian tomorrow anyway. I looked at Penny who was now leaning against the wall. She seemed to be thinking the same thing that I was. I yawned. I guess I hadn’t realized how tired I was. I looked at Ian as he began to yawn too.

“I think Penny and I are gunna head on home.” He didn’t look disappointed that I was leaving; he just looked tired, and probably relieved that he could now drift off to sleep.

“Alright,” Another yawn escaped his mouth, “I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Penny was already out Ian’s door; why was she always so impatient? I on the other hand took my time, gathering the dirty dishes and putting them away in the dishwasher as Ian followed behind me chatting to Penny who was now sitting on the arm of a recliner. When I finally finished I headed to the front door and waved goodbye to Ian who was now lounging indolently on the sofa. Penny was behind me in an instant and I shut the door just as Ian waved back at me.

We walked slowly back to my house and I let myself in the front door. Penny’s bag was still where I left it and she grabbed it indifferently and headed towards my room. She had been to my house so many times it was almost as if it was her second home, much like Ian’s house was the same to me. I didn’t bother to follow her into my bedroom for she would probably begin to get changed and then make her way over to the bathroom to begin her nightly routine. A dim lamp was lit in the living room and I saw the flashes of light from the TV. My dad was stretched out lazily on our cream, leather sofa watching the news. I plopped down beside him and laid my head on his chest.

“Hello, sweetie. How was your last day of school?” He asked. I snuggled into my father’s chest before answering. He wrapped his arms around me lovingly.

“Good, I guess. If school is ever actually good.” He chuckled.

“I know exactly what you mean.” I looked up at him. His short brown hair was beginning to gray and his blue eyes showed all the stress that came with age. He looked so much like me it was beyond belief. All are features were similar, the only difference that was mine were still youthful, I was only fifteen and there was at least a thirty year age difference between us. Although my dad acted plenty young that it made up for his old appearance. It seemed like he was never serious, you’d think after the years he’d been married to my mother that by now he would have picked up on at least some of her maturity. I straightened up then, not that the position wasn’t comfortable, I just felt that if I laid down any longer I would fall into a deep sleep. He sat up with me and we watched the news together. Sometimes we exchanged small words in between stories or commented on funny commercials but I could tell he was just as tired as I was and was in no mood for deep conversation. I peeked over into the hallway where the bathroom was and saw that the door was closed and light seeped out from beneath it. How long had Penny been in there?

Just then I heard the garage door creak open and the small, fast paced stomps of my mother’s high heels clicking against the wooden floor announced her arrival. She flicked on the kitchen lights making the living room much brighter than before, which made me have to squint my eyes because I was getting so used to the muted glow the lamp gave off. She had a medium sized grocery bag in her hands and set it on the counter along with her purse and car keys. I looked over at my dad who was now quietly snoring. I got up immediately to go help her unpack the groceries. She smiled at me friendlily then gave the greeting most parents give. The usual, “How was school?”, “What do you plan on doing this weekend?” All of the customary questions. Her short, blonde, bob haircut bounced up and down with every step she took as she gracefully pranced around the kitchen putting groceries away with me. I proceeded to tell her about Penny spending with the night and she approved the arrangement. I also told her about Kate’s dreaded party tomorrow. She smiled enthusiastically at my request to attend. I was secretly hoping that she’d say I couldn’t go but her reaction was quite the opposite.

“Why of course you can go! It’s about time you got out of the house every once in a while!” It aggravated me how chipper she was about the party when my feelings were reversed about the situation.

“FYI, I do get out of the house ever once in a while.” She smiled at my comment before speaking.

“School doesn’t count.” She said teasingly. I turned around to not face her anymore and pretended to be putting something away in the pantry. She was right though, I never did get out of the house. The only place I ever really go is to Ian’s house, and ever little once in a while Penny’s or Olivia’s but they mostly come to my humble abode. Once the groceries were all put away I began emptying the dishwasher. My mom then began calling to my father unaware of his slumber.

“Key!” She roared so suddenly I jumped. My father woke up startled and confused. “Key, come and help Samantha with the dishes while I get ready for bed.” Key. That was the name anyone in my family ever called my dad. In fact he had given himself the name when he was just a small child; apparently his real name was too embarrassing. Every time we visited our grandma I would try to get the secret out of her but have never succeeded. Key told me that he made her swear long ago he would never tell anyone his real name. I will find out someday though.

Key had now awaken and was already over in the kitchen staring dumb founded at the now empty dishwasher. I gave him a sorry smile for wasting his time with coming all the way over here but he just smiled back as if saying, “It’s ok.”

“Corinne!” He shouted my mother’s name and she then appeared from the bedroom in her robe and slippers and a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. He walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. The way she smiled when he kissed her. I couldn’t help but smile too; you’d never guess that my parents, complete opposites as they were, would be so perfect for each other. They quarreled like small children all day long but they fought with love all the same. I suppose they did have one thing in common though, they were both just a little nuts. I’m glad I didn’t inherit that trait from either of them. Key then went into the bedroom and I soon heard snoring. Corinne returned to the room to continue freshening up. I peeked around the corner to see if Penny had at last exited the bathroom. Good the lights were off in the bathroom and were now on in my room.

“Finally.” I whispered to myself as I started heading to my bedroom.

Penny was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of my mirror putting her hair up into a high pony tail. Even with it up her hair still reached the spot just above the middle of her back. She turned and smiled before continuing to make sure every single strand of hair was in its place. I changed into an old white tank top and some worn, baggy gray sweat pants. I fell back on the bed lazily without even bothering to snuggle under the warm covers. It was much too hot to sleep with blankets anyway. As hard as I tried I couldn’t fall asleep with the light on and Penny was still perfecting her hairstyle.

“Penny, can you please hurry up!” She didn’t even turn to face me while answering.

“One second, almost finished.” I groaned and hurled a small, square, black, decorative pillow at her, but unfortunately it fell straight to the ground and she took no notice. After a few more minutes of agonizing brightness Penny finally stood from her spot on the floor and went to go turn off the lights.

“Thank god.” I mumbled to myself as she climbed into bed next to me. I could tell she was tired, but she looked like she was in no mood to sleep. She was about to open her mouth to speak but I just slapped her with the nearest object I could find. Lucky for her it was just another pillow. She huffed annoyingly but now finally realized my need for sleep and shut her trap. I usually wasn’t this rude to guests but Penny really wasn’t a guest, she was just Penny and when she was here I didn’t treat her any differently then I would a member of my own family. And besides I had a good reason to be rude, sleepiness was a good enough reason right? Oh well, it didn’t matter if it was a good reason. I had already agreed to do a favor to her by going to that party and her shutting up was like repaying me.

Sadly I heard Penny’s muffled snores and her senseless mumbles before I got the chance to doze off. Why couldn’t I just fall asleep already? It wasn’t like I was anxious or anything. Or was I? Definitely not for that party though. Maybe I was just excited that summer was finally here. But that thought didn’t seem right.

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