Day in Night out: Dreaming...

March 30, 2010
By enchanted4yu PLATINUM, Calabasas, California
enchanted4yu PLATINUM, Calabasas, California
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Night 1: You looked at me with curiosity, but your timid eyes defied you.

Day 1: You smiled goofily at me and approached with your shoes scraping the pavement. The question barely left your perfect lips yet I was stunned. I was dream ridden.

Day 2: Sunshine was not the cause of the sweat dripping down my forearm, but it was wasted nevertheless. You kept away.

Night 2: I dreamt of you, so real you were that the next day I approached you with a new light inside of me.

Day 3: My heart was crumpled, mocked and shoved into a black box with no holes. Who was to blame, you or me?

Day 4: I hoped and made my outlook anything but negative. I gave a key, but you lost it time and time again so I made copies for you.

Nights 4-10: I crawled into bed placidly with no will to be awake. I knew the only time I had with the you I desired, was in my dreams. Though I would never allow myself to want you during daylight, nightfall was my guilty pleasure. In my dreams you would smile at me and laugh and I could gaze upon you. In my dreams I loved you, but in reality I missed you.

Day 11: Outside of school’s taunting ways, in a softly lit room pounding with music. This would be my chance and this would be real. I wouldn’t need to dream this, though I probably would have anyways. I counted the seconds by the butterflies gathering in my stomach.

Night 11: I did not come for a girl’s night out but that is all I left with. I waited all night for you to come to me and say something, anything. Your eyes shifted but never lingered on me for more than five seconds.
Later that night: I felt numbed. I used to think of you as my own catalyst. Now, I realized all you were was an anesthetic who made me dream up impossible fantasies surrounded by the thick haze of ignorance.

Day 12: This time, when I passed by ever so slowly, I desired nothing from you. I needed you to reassure me with your cold silence. I wanted to hate you more passionately than I had craved your attention.

Night 12: I went to sleep and refused to let you in my head. I did not cry and I did not think. I curled myself into my pillows and let sleep take me when it pleased. That night you were in my dreams.

Day 13: I walked around in a daze thinking about the previous night. My dream last night was unlike any other dreams I’d ever had. I tried not to dream of you but instead my subconscious overpowered me. This dream was not like the others, where you paid me attention and made my cheeks turn pink. This dream was almost believable. I dreamt that you walked up to me but didn’t speak. Somehow we communicated through our silence. We both made amends for the pain we’ve caused each other and agreed to move on and not look back. I felt closer to you than ever.

Day 14: After assessing the meaning of my dream, I decided to follow my own advice. I marched right past your table and smiled at you, hints of laughter playing at my mouth. I was ready to move on and hoped you were already go

The author's comments:
In writing this, I wanted to capture stages of a typical teenage relationship lasting about two weeks. I think this is a great example of a love story that doesn't end sappy but does end happy.

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I like this! I like it when people don't write stories in the normal way (you know like you using paragraphs and chapters). This is really nice!!

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