Premonition Part 2

March 30, 2010
By Rachel Lim SILVER, Ramsey, New Jersey
Rachel Lim SILVER, Ramsey, New Jersey
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I couldn’t help but stare at him. His deep brown eyes seemed to be staring right into my soul and it was practically suffocating me.
“Aly? You there? Hello?” Marissa poked me out of my daze.
“Huh? What?” I could barely comprehend what she was saying. That was until she pulled me to the back of the store and almost screamed at me.
“What is wrong with you?!” she whisper screamed, you looked like a complete idiot in front of him?!”
“Sorry M, but that’s him!”
“Him, him?!”
“YES!” I said and went back to the front of the store. “I am so sorry for that sir, did you want anything?” I tried to play through that awkward scene as coolly and possible. He stared back almost not knowing what to say.
“Hi, um I know that this may seem weird, but I feel like I know you,” he said almost unsure if I was going to laugh at him or not.
“Well, I feel like I know you too. But I think I’m going to actually have to know your name first before I really do know who you are,” I said and smiled.
He smiled back, “My name is Andrew, and your name is Aly isn’t it?”
“Why yes, it is actually.”
“COUGH COUGH!” Andrew and I both turned our heads to Marissa’s direction, in which we both completely forgot she was standing right there the entire time.
“Well, Aly,” he cleared his throat, “will I be able to meet you tonight again at Beach Town Arcade at around 7?” I looked at Marissa and she stared and nodded her head as though she was giving me the look to go for it.
“Sure,” I replied, “Beach Town Arcade it is.” I couldn’t believe I had just done that, I barely even knew the guy!
“Can’t wait till 7.” And with that, he walked out the store.
“Uhh M, what the heck just happened?” I asked nervously.
“Uhh Aly, the question is, what the heck are you going to wear?!”

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