Brown Eyes That Rescue Me

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Heart beating faintly, barely noticed, barely heard, barely felt. Lungs expanding, releasing, a constant rhythm. Brown eyes, deep like the ocean, dark like the midnight sky, gazing into my own. My hands trembling, yearning to be touched, my knees weakening.
I sit on a cushion to prevent my knees from giving out. I sink into the couch, my limbs heavy. He sits with me, reaches for my hand. I focus on my breathing: breathe in, breathe out, relax. Absolute silence follows. Absolute calm.
His hand, warm, comforting, enveloping mine. I am vaguely aware of my head leaning toward him, resting hesitantly on his shoulder. The tears come suddenly, unexpectedly, instigated by the pressure of his hand over mine. By the feel of his broad shoulder beneath my cheek. It is difficult to breathe. My heart pounds harder. My eyes fill quickly, flood my lids, spill out onto my lashes. Warm wetness seeps out of my eyes and drizzles down my cheeks. He holds my hand tighter.
An inhuman, animalistic sound escapes my lips, a sound of internal suffering. I am no longer in my body; I am a spectator, a ghost watching from the ceiling of this place. I sob, my sides heave. My shoulders are weighted down by thousand-pound burdens. Air catches in my throat, I choke on my own breath. My eyes are drowning in tears and my body quickly follows.
Then, he rescues me. I am a spirit, I am dead. But I am slowly returning to my body, the one that is being devoured by uncontrollable sobs. I am no longer watching from the ceiling. He grabs me in an embrace and I suddenly return to myself with a jolt. I tremble with misery.
I am weak, so weak. I can no longer support my weight. I rely on him, the only one I can count on to protect me. He will hold me, he will watch over me. I fell and he caught me. I was drowning and he saved me. Only him.
I feel his arms wrapped around me, his hands on my back, his chin on the back of my neck. My cries are muffled by his warm, broad chest. Time loses value. I am lost, but he is holding me on Earth. Trying to keep me there. Only him.

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