Valentines Day Suprise

March 30, 2010
By Zeena Ojjeh BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
Zeena Ojjeh BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
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She looked at her paper answered the first quest?on. She looked back up at him, trying to make it un-obvious that she was staring at him and not answering the quest?ons on the stupid math test. He looked up and caught her eye, putting his fingers to his head he pretended he was holding a gun and shot himself,she smiled looking back down at the paper, still her thoughts stayed on Cody. She knew his name almost as well as she knew her own, of course she knew it, she had f?rst set eyes on him in second grade and she had known right there and then that he would be her best friend. ?n her still childish brain best friends was the most you could be with a guy, as she grew older she wanted him for a brother, then in 9th grade she had known she was in love with him.And they were best friends and then they were like family, they were inseperable. Everyone knew them as a pair, they fit perfectly together. He was gorgeous and athletic but horrible in school. She was pretty but definately not an athlete, but she made up for that with a 4.0 GPA. Of course they were perfect for eachother.

‘’ Adri how’d you do on the math test?’’ They walked out of math together, like always.

‘’ Ummm... I think ? did pretty good, ?m not really sure. What about you?’’ She didnt want to tell him that she had only answered one question on the test.

‘’ C- if I’m lucky, you know I suck at math.’’ He smiled ruefelly at her. Of course she knew in 8th grade she had tried tutoring him in math but had quit after the first time.

He didnt want to tell her that he had only answered the first couple of questions, the rest of the time he had been thinking about her. It was Valentines Day today and Cody had been asked by half the girls in the school to be their valentine, being the guy he was he had said yes to each one of them. The only girl he had gotten flowers for was Aya, Adri’s best girl friend. He had done this for two reasons. The first was because Adri had asked him too, the second was that maybe Adri would get jealous.Girls called him a player and jerk but Adri knew why he didnt say no to anyone, it was because he hated to hurt peoples feelings. Adri was asked by Dan, coincidence of all coi?ncidences Cody’s best guy friend. Jealousy was an easy card to play they both knew.

‘’ Hey Adri. THANK YOU SO MUCH CODY FOR THE FLOWERS I LOVED THEM’’ Aya slided up to Adri and Cody.

‘’ Oh good. I’m glad you liked them.’’ Cody answered in the quiet way he talked to girls.He stopped to peck her softly on the cheek, looking over slighly at Adri. She looked away with a look of disguist. Cody smiled to himself, maybe this whole jealousy thing would actually work.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Cody and Adri had no more classes together and they both said they had things to do during lunch. Even though the truth was the none of them wanted to see the other one sitt?ng with their valentine. They also didnt walk together as usual. Cody walked Aya home and Dan walked Adri home. Both promised to call each other later that night but both knew that no way would they. Who wanted to here about romantic walks home and maybe even romantic kisses goodbye?

‘’ You really should just ask someone to be your valentine. I know you like a guy so why dont you just ask him? Valentines day only comes once. If he rejects you just say that it was a joke or a dare. I know you, if you dont ask your going to regret it for the rest of the year because what if he had said yes. If you ask whoever he is I’ll ask a guy, think about how much happier I’ll be if I ask. Do it for me. Please?’’ Adri’s friend Janna whispered this to Adri at 11:45 that night. Adri knew she would end up saying yes, if not for her love for Janna maybe for her love for Cody. Adri nodded her consent and disconnected the call without saying bye. She would send the message at 12:00 the last minute of valentines day.

Cody looked at his phone, pacing back and forth he wondered if he should send the message or not. It was 11:58 and he knew he wanted to do it at exactly 12. Should he do it? What if she said no? It would ruin their friendship. Sighing he looked at his phone one more time. The clock was ticking.. 11:59. Before he could change his mind he pressed the send button. That same second Adri closed her eyes and pressed send.

Cody felt the adrenaline running through his veins after he pressed the sent button. Throwing his phone on his bed he walked towards the kitchen, starved from the thoughts of rejection coming from his dream girl. As he was walking out the door he heard the message tone beep. Running to the phone he brushed his hair from his eyes and wondered how she was able to answer so quickly. He silently hoped it wasn’t Aya, she was a nice girl and all but he was sick of her messages.

Hey Cody, Will you be my valentine? Love, Adri.

He grinned at the message, she knew exactly how he liked it, short and simple.

The second after Adri sent the message she fell on her bed, her face beat red with the idea that he might ignore it, that would be the worst rejection of all. As she closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep she felt the vibrate of her phone under her pillow. Jerking forwards she turned on the lights. How was he able to reply so quickly? She silently hoped that it wasn’t Jon who had kept texting her after he tried to kiss her bye.

Bat, I dont know how to say this. How about I start with I love you? W?ll you be my valentine? Love always, Spider.

Adri smiled happy that he remembered their 3rd grade nickname’s bat and spider. She smiled at the idea of their love. At the idea that he loved her the same way she loved him. At the same time he smiled for the same reasons. They were always meant to be together right?

As she was typing her reply of ‘’I love you more’’ her phone rang. Answering in a heartbeat she heard the voice of her dream guy, and her best friend.

‘’ I love you Adri’’ His voice sent shivers up her spine. She smiled to herself.

‘’ Happy valentines day.’’ She replied.

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