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March 29, 2010
By RohitM SILVER, Nanded, Other
RohitM SILVER, Nanded, Other
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A cols breeze blew, sending shivers down his body and ripples over the water in the river below the bridge Tom was standing on, admiring the beautiful evening around him-
The trees, plants and shrubs on the river bank were still visible in the golden light of the evening. The sun, now about to set, filled the otherwise blue sky with orange glow.
Blue slightly blended with orange- shade of Tanya’s eyes, he remembered.
He stood there, on the bridge, two miles away from the hustle and bustle of his school hostel. His school was over and only a few days were left for his graduation, and then he was going home.
Two years had passed since he had last seen Tanya, and no one could quite estimate the intensity of the anticipation that now burned his insides. He wanted to leave right now, but couldn’t.
Only a few more days, he told himself.
Only a few more days………..
The train arrived, a loud whistle announcing its arrival before it actually came. Tom got up to look at the train. The sight of the train, which as though irritate Tom had arrived an hour late, filled his mind and heart with pleasure- yes this train would take him to Tanya.
Only a few more hours, he told himself.
Only a few more hours…………
The train slowed with screeching sound of the brakes. Tom looked out from the window, on to the familiar town; his insides were filled with a sudden desire to jump off the train right then. But instead, he got and waited for the train to stop.
After what it seemed to Tom an age, the train stopped. Tom got down along with the few others, onto the platform of the surprisingly familiar station. He began to walk towards his home.
Only a few more minutes, he reminded himself.
Only a few more minutes………..
Tom turned around the street of his home. He walked a few more steps and saw his home and his mother, standing outside, waiting for him, of course.
He took a few more quick strides and felt something wrong for the first time. He looked at the house next to his and a chill of shock ran down his spine: the house- Tanya’s house- was dark and in a state of disrepair. His hugged him.
“Mom,” he tried to speak, “Tanya?”
“They left,” his mom told in a matter of fact tone. “A few months back,” his mom continued.
He felt numb. He tried to move, but it seemed his body was consuming all strength judt to keep standing.
“Where? Why?” he asked his mom.
His mom took his hand and pulled him inside their home before she answered:
“Sydney, anyways, she left a not for you.”
The sun rose, bathing the house and the once beautiful garden in golden light. Tom sat at the door of his love’s abandoned house.
He read the letter for the tenth time:
Dear tom,

I am sorry but I must leave. I hope you will forgive me. Study hard and get yourself an Ivy League college. I love you Tom. I leave with hopes that we will meet again soon never to part again.
Love you forever, Tom.
“I will do what Tanya said,” Tom spoke to the letter in his hands. “I’ll work hard and finish my studies and then I’ll go and get her”
Only a few more years, Tom told himself.
Only a few more years…………………

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icyharsh said...
on Apr. 21 2010 at 10:03 am
Awesome story man!really touching................

RYAN said...
on Apr. 19 2010 at 5:42 am


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