Dream Me Awake, My Heart To Take

March 28, 2010
By xvictoriaxrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
xvictoriaxrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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I woke up in a cold sweat, my heart was palpitating and I could feel no calm. I inhaled and exhaled for about a minute. Finally, I sat up hugging my knees and rocking back and forth ever so slightly. It was only a dream, I reminded myself. I touched my cheeks and felt a warm wetness. Blood? No, tears were streaming down my cheeks. I sighed and turned on my bedside lamp. I took another deep breath. I had to pull myself together; it was the only way I would survive. I traced back over the events of my nightmare, the cause of my emotional rampage…
Running, running down a never ending hallway. A door, finally! I pulled on the knob. No, it can’t be stuck. I pulled harder and it swung open. Yes, good. I walk into my grandmother’s living room. What is this? My eyes survey the room; it was the same as I had always remembered with doilies everywhere, with china dolls and teapots and other antiques. My eyes met the piercing, yet sad, blue eyes of a beautiful woman with auburn hair, similar to mine. She was holding a baby with big brown eyes, like mine, who was drifting to sleep. She smiled sadly at me, and said “Diana, my beautiful daughter, do you know me?” My eyes filled up, “M-mom” I managed through the lump. She smiled again, “A beautiful baby girl, with her father’s eyes. A beautiful 15 year old without a mother.” She frowned. “The baby is-“ I began. She nodded. Suddenly she grabbed her heart. “Diana, love, you must listen to me, get out of the dorm please, tell Kevin, pack a bag now and get out! Go to the dean’s office until morning, please get out!” she all but screamed. I began to cry. She kissed the baby on her round cheeks, and I felt it on mine. “Oh and Diana? Your father and I met on a sinking ship, true love has strange ways” she said.
Then, the dream was over. I didn’t know why but I had to listen something somewhere inside of me told me to do so. I grabbed my cell and dialed Kevin. As the phone rang I began to pack, I had fallen asleep in my clothing so I didn’t have to get changed. I put a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss in a case. I put a change of clothes, my i-pod, cell charger and the dental case all in a knapsack. Finally Kevin answered groggily.
“Hello?” he said. I knew I woke him up.
“Kev, it’s Diana, pack an overnight bag and meet me at the dean’s now. Please understand and don’t asked questions” I said clearly.
“Uhh, ok Di, is everything alright? I’m packing now.” he said.
“I’m not sure, just thank you for listening.” I said
“No problem, I’ll see you in five.” He said as if we were planning to go for pizza.
“Kay, thanks, bye.” I said, and hung up.
I ran down the stairs and was on the campus lawn, I checked my watch 3 in the morning, if this was all for nothing I’d feel like a real ass. I checked for my cell in my pocket, it was there. I walked until I saw the dean’s office, then I sat on the grass. Then I saw a tall silhouette making it’s way towards me. It was Kevin, and I was safe. I got up and ran to him, his walked with me back to the lawn and pulled out a lantern.
“Ok, Di, you wanna tell me what’s going on?” he said with a calm smile.
Then I inhaled and told him. At first he looked confused, then pulled out two pillows.
“Guess, we’re camping out.” He said.
“Thank you so much, Kev.” I said, smiling at him. He smiled back with his big brown eyes and sweet smile.
“Don’t mention it.” He laughed.
We talked and talked until we drifted to sleep. It wasn’t until someone was violently shaking us awake, that we knew we were still on Earth.
I awoke to Martin shaking us both violently. “Wake up!” he yelled.
I had fallen asleep on Kevin’s chest and was perfectly content. Then, I felt two long hands lifting me up. “Diana, sweetie, wake up.” He cooed.
That was the way to get a girl up. I fluttered my eyes and looked at the dorm in shock. It was burned to the ground. I grabbed Kevin’s arm.
“Dorm A is ashes.” he said sadly.
“What about B and C?” Kevin asked fully conscious.
“Fine, what made you two-“ he paused. “Ooooh, I see” she smirked.
I shot him a hateful look, Martin was the only person in the world who knew how I secretly loved Kevin, by best friend. I decided to let it go.
“What happened?!” I said suddenly awake.
Martin plopped down beside me and laughed.” “Well, bright light the building burned to the ground, with no casualties. Turns out some of the kids smoking were careless. Everyone is fine, a few burns but nothing serious. ” He said
“Oh, that’s not good.” I said dumbfounded. Mom was right. I laughed silently about the irony of it all.
Kevin grabbed me by the shoulders, “Diana, love, you saved me.” He said. I was taken back, “love”, I thought. I blushed. The Kevin did something out of character. He suddenly laughed nervously and stuttered, “Well, love as in like uhh-“ he was interrupted by Martin. “Ok you two, cat’s outta the bag, Kevin has been confiding in me his love for you for 4 years. Ironically enough, Dianna has been doing the same, kay? So kiss or whatever.” He got up and walked away.
I turned to look at Kevin. He stared into my eyes. Love was so crystal clear to me now. I looked into Kevin’s eyes and knew I could stay that way forever. I knew that a sinking ship wasn’t the only way to find someone, sometimes all you need is a spark, to make a flame, to make a fire.

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That was sooo good. I thought the dream was kind-of weird but it was good. 

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