March 26, 2010
By JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
JessKnight13 GOLD, Memphis, Tennessee
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I step tentatively out onto the balcony. I can see him standing out by the moon-reflected lake, and a wave of heat washes over me. He was Nicholas Parker, my best love. I shudder, torn between desire and denial, and leaned forward on the balcony, my silvery-blond waves falling forward and blowing gently in the cool breeze. I see him walk forward toward my home, but then stop suddenly, gazing up at me.

I gazed down at him, and thought this a rather amusing scene. I, the innocent virgin, gazing down at a notorious womaniser in desire, and him gazing up at me, feeling things he'd never felt before. I merely thought this amusing, but did not feel what I thought. I felt nothing right now but tenderness and desire. So I did not crack a smile, nor did he. We just stood there gazing at each other for a few moments, until I realized that I wanted him. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, and I wanted to feel them all over my body. But most of all, I wanted to feel his body against mine.

I suddenly felt the chill of the air, and became aware that the chill of it was stinging my bare arms. I then backed away, fearful of what my hot-blooded desire was doing to me. "Stop." I immediately stopped when I heard his soft voice. I could tell by the way his voice sounded that he was as lost in his desire as I was, and was struggling to not lose control. I heard him climbing up the balcony, and I still didn't move. My feet were planted to the ground. What was wrong with me? I saw him lift himself over the balcony with ease, and I took in his handsome features, and took in his appearance. His shirt was open, revealing his bare chest. I was fascinated by the contours of his body. I stared at him standing there, breathing deeply, not in exhaustion, but in desire.

He appraoched me without saying a word, and I backed up against the wall. Then, I felt the intrusiveness of a man's kiss, and I felt the wave of heat once again come over me. I then shrank back in fear; in fear of the heat of first desire. He looked down at me."Diana..." he murmured. Then, he leaned in and kissed me again, softly at first, then it became more intense. I melted beneath him. I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him towards me. I kissed him back,and he pulled away to get some air,but now we were both victims of my desire.I pulled himback towards me,and kissed him hungrily. I felt his kisses on my lips, making their way down my neck, my chest....Then, I wrapped my legs around him. By doing this, I realized that I wasn't afraid anymore of making love to him. But then I realized with shame that he could have me up against the wall, and I didn't want to have my first time to be up against a wall. "Nicholas, the bed..."
He carried me to the bed, my legs still wrapped around him. Then, I disappeared into a pool of desire and pleasure.

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