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March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

It was our first fight. the first are always the worst. I had to tell him the truth that i did kiss that boy, that it ment nothing and that i was sorry. All so true. He cryed, I cryed. No boy has ever cyed in frount of me no matter what i said, no matter what I did they never cryed in frount of me no matter how bad it hurt. He cryed though. I cryed too, but seeing him crying made me cry more. to know that I hurt him that bad. I walked outside and cryed harder that the rain was poring. I cryed louder than the thunder roared. I dident care who was listing. I dident care if I was getting wet. I dident care about anything but the fact that I made him cry. I cryed because I thought that i lost the love of my life. I cryed because I felt alown and scared. I dident think he cared anymore and that this was the end of everything. right when I was gonna give up and walk away from it and try to forget he came back. He picked me up off the floor and told me that he forgave me and how it was gonna be ok. He told me that he dident care about what happend then that what happened now was the only thing that really mattered. He told me I was the only girl he could love and no one was going to get in the way of it. He told me that he was there for me and i dident need to cry. He pulled back and looked at where i had been crying to see that it was wetter than the rest of his shirt from the rain. He walked me inside and wraped me in his hoodie. He told me that it was me and him against the world and that everyone would try to pull us apart but we just had to work through it and we would be ok.
2 years later and him and I are still together Fighting against the world. Fights are usally the worst parts about a relationship but our first, and last, fight was the best thing that could have happened.

The author's comments:
Me and My boyfriend got into our first fight and this is what happened. I love him and he still loves me to this day

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