She Finally got it Right

March 25, 2010
By Dark_Rose_Fury BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Dark_Rose_Fury BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Rose stepped onto the cold wooden floor at the bottom of the stairs. The living room mirrors reflected a girl with fading scars, and a black eye. Her blue eyes smiled back at her, but she alone wasn’t smiling.
She had finally left James and was proud of herself for it. She was tired of the frivolous things they did. The abusing thing was going through the wall. She had let him do it at first but then she soon learned that she didn’t deserve it.
She smiled into the mirror and quietly made her way out the front door of her cabin. She breathed in the cool air of the forest and shivered. The dew closely hung to the leaves that had freshly left their perch.
The sun seemed to warm her body and brought a smile to her face. The trees swayed and made a gentle brushing sound, which she was so used to hearing.
She saw the familiar path she knew so well. She and James had walked it several times when she had felt their flame. She looked down the path and sighed, but something caught her eye.
A boy, about her age was lying face down in the dirt and not moving. She quickly rushed to his side and dropped to her knees. She rolled him over onto his back and brushed the dirt off of his face.
His brown hair shined in the sun and his face was motionless. He wore a black sweater and black jeans.
“Um, excuse me? A-are you ok?” Rose asked the boy trying to wake him.
He stirred and she jumped. She held his head on her lap till he got his energy back.
A twig snapped and she looked up just in time to see James run off. Oh no. He had seen her with another man.
“My name is Blake.” The boy murmured out of breath.
“Are you ok? Do you live far from here?” she was concerned but also, she felt a sudden connection with Blake.
“I was exploring the forest and was too dehydrated to walk on,” Blake explained, “so I thought if I slept on the ground I’ll be ok.”
She helped Blake to his feet and she smiled. He was taller than her. Blake grew quickly fond of Rose. She was very calm around him, like she knew him.
He liked her clothing style, black skinny jeans and a pair of converse. She had on a black tank top and leather gloves. Her blonde hair complemented her ocean blue eyes, which sparkled when the trees aloud some sun to shine on them.
She took him by his hand, not thinking, and led him to her house. She walked through the door and showed him to a spare room on the first floor.
“I stay here in the summer alone,” she explained to him,”but you are more than welcome to stay here.”
Suddenly, there was a uncanny crash from upstairs and then Blake jumped into action.
Some sort of pull made his body move, as if even his body couldn’t bare the sight of Rose hurt.
He climbed the stairs one by one, silently wondering what was ahead of him. He reached the top and there stood a boy his age.
“My name is James,” the boy said, “I thought you should know that I was with Rose, a while back. I also thought that you should know that I have claimed her as mine.”
Blake looked at James disgustedly, and sneered.
“I thought that much. But let me tell you something, “Blake said,”that girl down there is something that doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. You gave her those scars I suspect didn’t you? I know your type.
“You think that you’re such a big shot. That any and everything belongs to you. But trust me; you will not enjoy the response out of me if you try to get past me.”
James smiled and ran at Blake. Blake was thrown down the stairs and onto the floor. His body ached and felt like he couldn’t move. He heard Rose’s voice yelling his name, scared and confused.
He had to protect her. He got back up and ran after James. James was thrown into a wall that held a picture and the glass shattered on his head.
A sharp pain ran threw him. He saw walls move and felt lifted off his feet. He felt air rush past him and smacked on a hard surface.
Blake looked out the window. James’ lifeless body was motionless on the cold ground. His breathing was heavy and sweat ran down the sides of his cheeks.
He turned around and found Rose standing in the door way, shock enveloped her face. He walked over to her, and held her close. He felt that he was comfortable there with her in his arms. He could smell the floral sent of her hair, and the warmth her body gave off.
She smiled knowing that James was gone and was no longer a threat to her. Blake would protect her. So you can find love with in a minute, you just have to look very closely. She smiled up at him.
He smiled back and gently kissed her lips and wiped a tear away from her eye. He was finally with the right person, and that’s all that mattered.
And happily she thought, I finally got it right.

The author's comments:
I love romance and i thought that since i was good at it i would try it out.

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