What happens in England

March 24, 2010
It was one afternoon my parents sent me to stay with my grandmother. Im Samantha Jones, call me Sam.
Im 17 years old, living in a England town.
I had to stay 3 months and was attending Coolsburg High, and nobody there liked me, besides one girl Lucy.
She was popular and queen bee. I wanted to be more like her.

One day I invited Lucy over, I didnt think she would come. I was sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring,
I was ready to get home. After 15 minutes the bell rang.On my way home as I stopped to get gas, I received a text
message. It was Lucy, "I'll be over shortly."

I quickly got home so I'd have enough time to put on a cute mini skirt. I waited a few minutes then I heard someone pull
into the drive. It had to be Lucy, I ran to the window.It wasn't Lucy,it was her boyfriend Thomas! I opened the door and he said "We
need to talk."

"Well Lucy is on her way over", I said.

"Get in my ride and we can talk as we go for a drive" Thomas said.

We got into his hummer and pulled out. As we were driving down the road we passed Lucy. After a
few minutes I got a text from her asking where I was. I told her I had a family emergancy.

"I'm breaking up with Lucy", Thomas told me.

I was shocked because I didnt think anyone liked me, and when I told him that, he said its because I am everything they want to be.

"Will you go out with me", he asked.

"I would love to, but we have to tell Lucy", I replied.
Thomas then grabbed his phone and sent her a text saying it was over. After that everytime Lucy would see
Thomas or I she would stick her nose high in the air and walk away.

Thomas and I hung out every day after school. One day he asked me to spend the night with him and I was turning 18 the next day so my
grandmother allowed me to spend the night at his new apartment. The day I turned 18 I was allowed to move back home to my parents, but instead I got a job
and moved in with Thomas. We had graduated and were both working and attending our local college university. It was a day at work in June
when I got sharp pains in my stomach. I dropped to the ground and asked God, "What is happening to me"? I fainted and when I awoke I was at the emergancy
room only to discover I was six months pregnate. Thomas came in and took me home after we found out the baby and I were both ok. Once Lucy found out I was
pregnate she never spoke to us again.

Thomas and I, three months later were standing at the alter getting married, and right after we said out I do's and kissed I went
into labor. I was once again rushed to the hospital and that night at 9:39 P.M our bundle of joy had arrived. It was a baby boyweighing 7Lbs. 1Oz. and 15
inches long. Thomas and I named him Thomas Rain Dallas Jr.

Many years have passed and we are still a very strong and growing family. We have had another little boy, Jake Dale and we are now
expecting our little girl, Kelsie Rae in 3 months.


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