I can be your little girl

March 24, 2010
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“Stop it, Austin!” I giggled. We were lying under beautiful stars under the summer night sky. It was uncomfortably warm, but the cool breeze made the temperature feel a little bit more bearable. I wore a pale pink tank-top with short denim pants and my feet were bare. Austin was tickling me again. I giggled some more, and I tried to put his hands away, but I couldn’t. The grass under us was irritating my neck, so I rolled over and rested my head on his chest. Suddenly, he stopped tickling me and weaved his fingers through mine. Our feet touched. His were so warm. I wrapped my other foot around his for heat. My feet were always icy cold even during the hot summer season, especially at night.

“Gosh Kate, you’re feet are cold. Are you a vampire?” The twinkle of his eyes made me feel like a princess. I look down at my pale feet, and my fresh pink nails.

“I don’t think I am. Plus, you’re the one abnormally warm. Are you a werewolf?”

“Of course we’re not. We’re humans, Katie. Do you seriously believe in all that Twilight stuff?

“Yes, I do. I believe that Edward and Bella do exist, somewhere in this world. I know they’re not Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.”

He rolled his eyes, and went back to staring at the sky. I softly sang him a song, with my amber eyes closed. I imagined how his stunning smile and his tanned body looked under the blue sky, his dirty blonde hair blowing in the sea salt wind. I opened my eyes to find that perfect smile really, really close to mine. I closed my eyes again, and felt his lips press against mine.

“I love you.” He whispered into my ear. “I’ll love you forever.”

“I love you too. But there’s no forever. We’re not vampires, Nate.” I couldn’t help my vampire obsession. It came naturally. It was him who bought me the Twilight books and took me to see the movies. I guess he didn’t know I was going to like it this much.

“Do you think werewolves exist? Are you a werewolf? I wouldn’t mind if you were. In fact, I would love it.” I said. He sighed, and streaked my hair.

“No, they don’t. Kate, use your head. If they existed, I would take you away to a safe place so nothing could hurt you. Will you please understand that vampires and werewolves, oh yeah and half vampires don’t exist? I feel like a dad telling his little girl that there weren’t any monsters under her bed.”

“I could be your little girl. I could be your 17 year old little girl forever.” I tried, imagining how life would be like if I was immortal and he wasn’t. I was thinking about how beautiful I could be, so pale and vivid.

“Kathleen Morgan Smith. I want you as my wife, not my daughter.”?He said, straight in my eyes.

I pretended to think for a second, and quickly followed, “Okay. Well, I’ll stay human. We’ll be happy humans. Actually, I want kids. A bunch of them.” I smiled, and blushed feverishly; set my eyes on his soft eyes. They glistened in the moonlight as I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

“Close your eyes, Kate.” He said, and I obeyed.

“Why?” I said, with my eyes squeezed shut. I felt a cool texture putting a little bit a weight on my neck. I felt it with my fingers. It was a flat, rectangular piece of silver. It had something engraved on it, but that was all I could tell. I opened my eyes, my fingers still feeling the cool charm. It felt so cold against my warm neck. I was dying to know what it said, so I undid it and stole a look at the charm while he pretended to sleep next to me. I gasped as I felt the bumps. There was a big paw print in the middle, and in capital letters, the word “IMPRINTED” was written across it. I smiled. I wonder if he really liked being my werewolf. My fingers traced another engraving on the back, so I flipped it over to find his initials. I hooked the beautiful necklace back on, and promised to never take it off. He was mine.

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Rosalie said...
Apr. 4, 2010 at 7:06 am
sorry the season is supposed to be mid summer, not winter:)
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