senior year

March 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Macy walked up his street. She did this alot, mostly for no reason. except tonight she was waiting, waiting for something shocking. Normally the house was Dark except for a window in the basment. A big "S" hung over the door standing for Smith. On this dark Cold night, Macy glanced over excepecting the normal, instead a light on the top floor was lit. A blonde little girl stood at the window looking out, it was his sister, Lizzy. MAcy sat down on the swings across from the house and stared at the moon.
Inside the house, Lizzy ran to her brothers room.
"JASON!!!! Some creepy girl is sitting at the park!" she screemed.
"so?" jason said countinuing to look at a magzine
Jason got off his bed and walked to Lizzys room. When he looked out the window, he saw macy. Her Brunette hair flowing in the wind, glassy eyed staring at the moon.
"wait here" jason yelled running down the stairs putting on his hoodie.
"your scarying lizzy" Jason said cooly.
Macy Jumped "well you scared me"
"what are you doing out here? its freezing"
Macy pointed to a car which was parked out side of Jason's girlfriend-brooke's house. The Starting quarterback Nathan step out, he walked to the door and knocked. Brooke opened the door, and began to make out with him. Then they walked in the house.
Silence was among them for 5minutes. Macy Could see tears forming in jasons eyes. She reached over and hugged him.
"how long has this been going on?" he said through tears
" soo sorry"
Jason began to cry harder.
Macy and Jason had known each other for almost 10years now, she had fallen in love with him somewhere during the jokes, hanging out, and late night talks. It broke her heart to see him upset like this.
But now its senior year and shes ready to be his gf once and for all.

The author's comments:
Alright this was just a small little proluge. Please rate and comment on how i can make better (: THANKS

The thing that inspired me to right this is my own personal excperiences with this guy broc, i started writting this after 3months of knowing him, and while its not exactally what happened im still happy with this

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