Myth Wars

March 22, 2010
By TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
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As I walked down the narrow lane to get to school in my small town of Magnolia, I thought about what I wanted out of life. Love, happiness, wealth, beauty. We all have dreams but for me it was going to be a nightmare for everything. It seemed the trees trapped me like a prisoner in its walls. I felt scared and wanted to get to school as fast as possible. I began to run but ran out of breath. I slowed to breathe when I saw a shadowed figure in the distance. I looked in that direction but when I did the figure vanished. When I finally got to school I was relieved, I was scared about the person in the forest.
I walked inside the school and the warmth covered me like a fleece blanket. I walked to the classroom thinking ‘Who was that person? What were they doing in the middle of the forest this early in the morning?’ All these questions came into my mind and then quickly went back out. I saw my classroom and sort of sprinted to the door. “Ahh, that’s better.” I said as I took off my coat and hung it in the classroom. “Hello, Eva. How are you?” My friend Julie asked as I put my jacket up. I smiled and looked as convincing as I could. “I’m great and you?” I began to take my book bag off and then a sign caught my eye. Upon it, in magnificent script writing, it mentioned ‘Meeting in room 240 today. Come before the bell rings.’ Luckily for me, that classroom was right around the corner. I grabbed my coat and began to run again to the meeting room. I passed students talking about boys, sports and home problems. I just rolled my eyes and got to the classroom. When I got there I found out it was a computer lab. I was a little excited. Being in the computer lab is the only part of school I could succeed at. I walked in panting and my teacher walks up to me. “Go get a drink sweetie, you look really tired.” I nodded once and walked out of the classroom again just as the tardy bell rang. I sighed as I got to the water fountain. I took a drink and saw a gorgeous boy behind me waiting to get some water too. I moved as quickly as I possibly could and he smiled at me.
“My name is Kevin, what’s yours?” I blushed at his voice. He sounded like a male model.
“My name is Eva. Are you new?” When he smiled at me again I melted. “Yes, I am new. Can you show me where room 240 is? I went to the classroom and I saw a sign that was where the class would be.”
I smiled this time. “That is my class. We are in the computer lab today.”
He nodded his head in approval and I began to walk back to class and he stood there.
I turned around. “Are you coming?” He began walking toward me as I turned the corner. He ran to catch up with me, but as I stepped into the classroom I tripped over an untied shoelace. I groaned in pain from twisting my ankle as he came up behind me and caught me before my face hit the ground. The class sat there looking astonished.
“Who are you?” The class said in unison.
“My name is Kevin. I’m new to your class and I met her in the hallway. She showed me here.”
The girls giggled as he looked around at everyone to find two empty seats. He found two seats in the back corner of the classroom with the computers already turned on. He helped me up and I walked over to the very corner computer and logged in. To my surprise he was already logged in before I could even get my finger situated on the keyboard. I looked over at him and smiled. The teacher began giving directions to what we were doing. It was the 2nd week of school so he had missed a lot. He was asking me what the teacher what was talking about. I giggled and helped him out by typing the first couple of lines in Microsoft Word. “That’s pretty much it. Just copy.” He nodded in understanding and began to work. I watched his hands and he was done before I was even halfway done. I looked at him and asked. “You can type really fast can’t you?” He smiles and answers, “Yes, most of my life I’m on a computer. It’s my job.” I looked at him with questions but I didn’t ask. He chuckled as if he knew what I was thinking. “I work on machines. I work a computer and tell the computer what to do to the machine by putting in a code.” My mouth hanging wide open I asked. “How old are you?” He smiled, “I’m 16, and you don’t have to be that old to work.” I blushed and turned back to my computer to finish. When I finally finish the bell rings for us to switch classes. I turned to him to say bye but he was already gone. The bell hadn’t even finished ringing and he was out the door. I stood there puzzled books in hand ready to leave. “E…V…A…” I came out of my trance and looked up. My teacher was standing by me. “You have 2 minutes to get to class now! I’ll write you a pass just in case you can’t make it.” I followed her to her desk and took the piece of paper from her. “Thanks.” That was all I could manage to say before I sulked out the door. I somehow got to class on time so I threw the pass in the trash can. I sat in my seat and began to listen to the lecture. Then I started to drift off again. I could just see his smile in my mind. I wasn’t one to believe in ‘Love at first sight’ but this was indisputable evidence. I couldn’t over look how I was feeling. ‘There must be something wrong with this boy. He seems a bit too perfect.’ I thought. “EVA!!!” I looked up a brief moment to see my teacher’s furious face right next to mine. It scared me so I jumped back and fell out of my chair and hit my head on the wall. Before I passed out I heard, “Get the…” and that was it. Next thing I knew I was laying on the nurse cots in the nurse’s office with a cold towel on my head. I jumped up and ran out the door. “Where are you going?!? Your parents are picking you up!” I froze for a moment long enough to say, “Call them back, I don’t want to go home.” Then I began running again as she picked up the phone. Then, I saw him. He was so gorgeous I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. His pale skin, his dark eyes shimmering in the fluorescent lights, his broad muscular shoulders, and his tall body. He almost looked like he was just a spirit, that I was, for some reason the only one who could see him. When I finally stopped staring at him I realized that I was already supposed to be in 3rd period. I yelped and ran to the classroom. I made it in and sat down just as the bell rang. “Phew!” I exclaimed. Everyone looked at me. “Are you ok? You look sick.” Angela said. “Can I see a mirror?” I asked when she said that. When I looked in the mirror at my reflection it almost made me sick to look at it. I was extremely pale, like all the blood had been drained from my face, my eyes were black around the outside, and my hair was a mess. Half was sticking up and the rest was sitting on my shoulders. “Wow, I do look sick.” I said as I handed the mirror back to her. That class seemed to drone on and on. I kept looking at the clock as if time would move faster. I jumped when the bell finally did ring. I gathered my unpacked backpack, my laptop, and my purse and ran out the door. I froze when I saw him. He smiled and came up to me. “Hey there. Why do you look like that?” I looked at him and smiled. “I ran late for 3rd period… So I had to run, I guess I still haven’t completely gotten better yet.” He grinned and put his arms around me. I stood there shocked. “Wow, I’m guessing me and you are friends?” He smiled and hugged me tighter. “Yes, you seem to be a great person, and who knows It might blossom into something more.” I looked up at him and blushed slightly. “Oh? You think so?” He looked back at me and smiled, showing his brilliantly white teeth. “Yes, I think so. Don’t you?”

The author's comments:
This is just the first chapter of this book. I am working on the second chapter and it will be up soon.

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on Apr. 3 2010 at 9:07 pm
TiffyLynn SILVER, Spring, Texas
6 articles 0 photos 55 comments

Favorite Quote:
When life gives you skittles...throw them at its eyes and yell "TASTE THE RAINBOW!"

Thank you.(: lol took me forever to write that. x]

Catiestar GOLD said...
on Apr. 3 2010 at 6:11 pm
Catiestar GOLD, Clayton, New Jersey
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Wow, that was great! Keep it up!

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