Don't Stand so Close to Me

March 14, 2010
By AeirzHead SILVER, Miami, Florida
AeirzHead SILVER, Miami, Florida
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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

She giggled secretly with a group of girls at the back of the class. James, now having to be known as Mr. Beal, gulped nervously as her deep sea green eyes glanced him up and down and gave a teasing wink. First day of school, first day as a teacher, and he was already receiving unwanted attention. He set his books on the desk and brushed a hand through his short blonde hair absentmindedly. He looked around the class at the different groups of students sitting on desks and talking casually as others drifted in lazily, yawning at the early hour. His pulse was racing and he sat down at the desk taking a few deep breaths. He looked down at his things, opening his lesson plan, and going over what he was going to say for the fifteenth time.
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a barrage of high pitched giggles, his eyes moved from the desk and were instantly captured by those same sea green orbs. Both her well manicured hands were placed firmly on each side of his desk and her slightly pointed nose was less then a foot away from his own. He yelped in surprise and pushed back from the desk as she falsely presented a concerned look.
Her hair was dark brown and hung in stiff over-gelled curls around her heart shaped face. She wore a slightly baggy blue sweater, a short plaid skirt, that revealed much too much thigh for comfort, and black knee length socks. The collar of a crisp white shirt peeked out the top of the sweater. He gave her a skeptical look as she began babbling on about her need for a private tutor and such, injecting the word ‘like’ intermittently. For a split second the image of her naked flashed across his mind, lean and tan with the perfectly perky breasts of an adolescent and the round firm ass of a typical Latina. He sucked in a harsh breath to scatter the image. Lip gloss painted her lips heavily and he looked at her horribly obvious and uncreative offer to him and swallowed hard.
The bell rang and he jumped in his seat slightly as she seemed overly disappointed by the interruption, giving a childish pout. They both sighed, him for relief, her for frustration, and she turned to go back to her seat. Her waist shifted from side to side over exaggeratedly, causing a thick knot to form in James throat.
Once everyone was seated it took 2 minutes for him to find his voice again, the students didn’t notice at all, caught up in their own trivial conversations. When he finally found he had the ability of both speech and movement, he stood before the class stiffly and mechanically introduced them all to the curriculum . He passed out a syllabus to each student and a few children slept, but he didn’t care. Her eyes never left his belt buckle. Finally after an hour of presentation and feeling like a piece of meat out on display he simply told the class they could do whatever the hell they wanted for the last hour and he hurried back to his desk. As soon as he did though, she got up slyly from her seat, a vixens cocky smile etched into her plastic face. At that very moment in a quick panic, averting his gaze to a quiet chubby kid in the fifth seat to the left of the front row, he announced to the entire class that he was not to be bothered under ANY circumstances. He never looked back at her to see her reaction either.
When the bell finally rang children pushed and shoved violently to escape the classroom. He watched in awe at their animalistic behavior but by doing so his eyes eventually locked with hers…..Jessicas…..who used that moment to give him a final enticing wink as she exited the class with her group of giggling dolls. That was the end of his hellish first period 9th grade class. 9th grade……meaning she was 15 at the most. Him 26, he sighed letting the feeling return to his finger tips.

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