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March 12, 2010
By Carebearof_darkness SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
Carebearof_darkness SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
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Chapter 2: Waking up
I woke up and looked around. I was in the hospital, I felt something in my hand, and I looked down and saw a patch of brown hair on my leg. The hair was attached to a head. I cautiously stroked the hair, and jumped back when it moved. It lifted its head and I was shocked to discover that “it” was Drew. When he rose up, I saw the dark circles under his eyes; he looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks! He smiled and said, “You’re awake!” What are you doing here?” I croaked.“I finally realized why I jumped back in the fire” I cocked my head, and asked “Why did you?”
“Because I had to save you.” He grabbed my hand and told me exactly what happened the day of the fire. “We were in Mrs. Champion’s room, and we all started to smell smoke.” “You had to go check on Bradley and Dillon, because you said that they were your family.” “You ran out of the room, and nobody tried to stop you.” “Then, the fire alarms went off, and we had no idea where you were.” “The fire engulfed the school and I saw Bradley run out, Dillon was right behind him” “Dillon ran up to me and asked if I had seen you run out.” “ I ran back in, and all the teachers tried to stop me, but I pushed past them.” I saw you in the eighth grade hall, next to Dobson’s room, and you were surrounded by flames. I saw you pass out and I ran into the fire, I grabbed you and carried you out the door. The smoke had made the sky black, and it was hard to see. So I fell onto my knees, and threw you on my back so I could crawl out. Everyone saw us, and if the situation hadn’t been dire, they probably would have made fun of us. I gave you to a firefighter and ran to that semi circle of kids around you. Then the firefighter yelled my name and I ran over there to see if you were okay. And…we kissed.

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