My Not So Typical Life

March 11, 2010
By Mehh-Chelle GOLD, LeSueur, Minnesota
Mehh-Chelle GOLD, LeSueur, Minnesota
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*I sat there in the dark. Tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I hate myself for what I did. Is it my fauIt or is it not. I sat there for hours, I looked at the clock it was 2:00 am.*
I started to walk to school. My mom couldn’t give me a ride today she got caught up in work. I turned my ipod on glad it was loud. Bad time to leave the house my biggest crush in the world was behind me, so I slowed down. Waiting for him to pass he didn’t and a big tingle went through my body. I looked behind me and he wasn’t there. Instead he was getting in a car. I was relieved. I reached the school and walked slowly to my locker. My friend rushed up to me, she scared the butterfly’s right out of me.
“Hey girly” Missy said pitchy.
“Hey” I replied.
“You seem very tired”
“No I just don’t wanna be here”
“Who does?”
She got me to laugh. I was really needing that. The bell rang and she ran off to class. I grabbed my social book then slowly walked to class. I sat there in silence thinking about last night. My parents fought again. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It bugged me all day. Lunch came; Missy noticed something was wrong so she asked.
“Tate…….. Earth to Tate.”
She waved her hand in front of me.
“Huh” I looked at her “what?”
“What’s wrong? You are not acting yourself today.”
Gazly I replied. “Nothing but my parents fighting all last night again.”
“Really they were fighting again?!” Sandy said
“When are they not fighting? Really?” Missy said.
I skipped lunch. Wasn’t that hungry so I gave my food to Payton. Finally school was over but I wasn’t in a rush to get home. Who would be with a bunch of fighting parents? My mom would be home from work and my father would just be leaving by the time I get home. I wouldn’t have to hear them fight like they always do. After 15 minutes of watching everyone leave I walked home. Went right to my room when I got there.
I sat there in my room. Nothing but silence a good time to start my homework I thought. Social oh yeah lots of social homework. It was so much I didn’t even want to start it but I did anyways. It took me only 2 hours but I got my social done and math started. If I didn’t do it, it was ok I didn’t have that class tomorrow anyways. I was so stressed I grabbed my ipod turned it on then started to dance around my room. I hoped in the shower. Took me almost 30 minutes. I tried to straighten my hair didn’t work well. So I just deicide to lie down. Fell asleep.

I got up the next morning. This time straightening my hair was easy. Hoped on my favorite pair of skinnies and Got Blood t-shirt. Headed out the door.
“Where are you going?” My mom yelled.
“To school” I replied softly
“Your walking”
“Yeah I need the air.”
“Then get going before your late again.”
When I left I just about slammed the door. Im getting really frustrated with my parents. My dad didn’t come home last night. I actually got slept which means he wasn’t home. Although my dad sucks my mom is even worse! She smacked me. Only once, she would have brought the devil out of me if she hit me one more time. I was hoping she would have slapped me but she didn’t. People just really like to piss me off it isn’t funny. I mostly hear comments on the way I look and if that one kid says one more word bout me he will get a taste of my kongfu. Well at least Tate Kongfu. Finally at school. At the top of the stairs I saw my crush. He was looking epically cute like always. I just put my head down and walk right on by, but that didn’t work. He got into my way.
“Hey I will be there in a bit.” He said to his friends.
“Ok man” they replied.
I was freaking out. My heart was racing like crazy. I could barely breathe.
“Hey how is it going?”
“Hey. Its iight and you?”
“Im good”
I couldn’t control anything my shaking body or what I said it was a nightmare.
I blurted “You always get me shaking.”
He smiled and laughed as I was turning bright red.
“You’re so damn cute”
I giggled then responded “Well thank you. It just comes naturally you know.”
“I bet and I already know I would win.” He said ever so strongly.
The bell rang. I was kinda sad. I didn’t want this to end. I mean who would talking to their crush and all. But I got over that.
“Well I guess I gotta go” I said
“Yeah me too. Hey lets talk after school. I will walk home with you.”
“Ok” I agreed.
Walking home with him would probley be fun. We live right across from each other, ain’t I just lucky. Walking down the hall way I didn’t notice I was smiling like crazy. Well until Missy pointed it out.
“Why are you smiling?” she asked
“Is it illegal for me too smile?”
“No I just never see you smiling this big.”
“Well Andy happened” I said
“What did he do to make you so happy?”
I told her the whole thing walking to class. She was all happy for me and bouncing around like such a girly girl. As the day went on I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was it something to fear or be happy about? What if he is gonna hurt me. I mean it’s happened before, but I also heard that he aint like that. Last class came quicker then I wanted it too. I tried walking slowly to my looker but Missy forced me to run. I grabbed my bag and looked over. Their he was with his friends. I stood up and he stopped.
“Are you ready to go?” He asked.
“Readier then I ever will be.” I replied.
We headed out the back doors of the school. It was silent for a bit until he shockingly said.
“So I finally learned that I need to be happy and not let my friends control my every move.”
“Really Andy. That’s great.”
“It is. Also I’m very sorry for whatever I put you through. I could see you hurting and for an odd reason it was hurting me right back.”
“You can’t be serious about that. I’ve looked in your eyes plenty of times and I never saw pain”
“Tate you have. I know you have. I’ve seen you smiling but as soon as you looked at me it was gone. I knew that you saw something that hurt you. I’m not retarded here.”
“Ok well maybe I did notice a little”
“It was a lot not just a little.”
“Fine you win. Well I guess I’m sorry to.”
“What would you have to be sorry for Tate?”
“No nothing”
I didn’t want to pick a fight. I should be sorry I just don’t know what that reason is yet. We walked around the corner and I could see his and my house. We got closer and closer. Finally I was in front of my house. I turned to walk in but something grabbed my hand.
“Hey I want a hug.”
I smiled.”You know how awkward first hugs are.”
“Well then we better get it over and down with shouldn’t we.”
“I guess so”
“Just give me a damn hug”
He put his hands on my hips, pulled me in and hugged me. I wrapped my hands around him. It felt so right. I didn’t want it to end. My mom walked out but my hands were still around him.
“Get your ass in this house and start cleaning.”
“I gotta go” I said
“Yeah I can see that.” Andy said with a big fat glare at my mom.
“Get in her now!” My mom yelled again.
“I will be right their mom.”
She walked in.
“I will see you tomorrow.” I said
“Yes you will”
I remove my hands from around his neck. As he slowly let go of my waist. I headed in side and closed the door. My mom made me do all the cleaning that had to be done. I went to my room when I was done. Got my ipod out and started on my homework. I woke up to my alarm the next morning.
“I must have fallen asleep” I said to myself.
I got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and got ready. I grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans and a cute low cut t. grabbed my bag then headed out the door. Andy was just heading out his door too. I was wonder how that was possible both of us leaving the house at the same time.
“Hey Andy”
“Hey” he smiled.
“I don’t like your mother very much. No offense.”
“None taken. I really can’t stand her either. But then again I don’t think anyone can. Hey my dad hasn’t been home in the past 2 days.”
We both giggled. I almost said ‘Damn he is so adorable’ out loud but I stopped myself. He saw my mouth open so he had to ask.
“What were you gonna say?”
“Nothing. It was just one of those times.”
“Oh those times. Just like any other times I don’t know about.”
“Yes exactly those times.” I giggled.” Ok if u wanna know what I was gonna say so badly then I will tell you. I was gonna say that damn you are so adorable.” I said fastly.
“You know I am, but there’s someone very adorable. Then any other girl in the world.”
“So you heard that then?”
“Yes yes I did. Guess who that adorable person is?”
“Jessica Alba.”
“No silly, you!”
I smiled. Why now. Why couldn’t this happen to me forever ago. I mean I don’t think I have ever been this happy, with my parents and all. He’s just so cute.. As I talked to myself in my head I didn’t notice a car was coming down the road fast.
“Tate. Move!” Andy yelled.
I looked but didn’t have time to move. I knew that any person would have stopped. He had to be drunk. I just layed there. I don’t know how long but I know I couldn’t move, Then I just started to drift off.
-Andy’s point of view-
She just layed there. Motionless. I could feel tears coming down my face. I didn’t want to cry. If she could only see that I am, maybe see will just know how I really feel about her.
“You should get to school sir.” A man said.
“I aint leaving her”
“You have to get to school.”
“I won’t leave her” I shouted
“Sir you cant come with her. Your not family.”
“I don’t care. Your gonna let me go with. I’m gonna be their for her.”
“Sir I’m sorry you can’t.”
“Please I beg you”
“Get to school”
“I aint going if you don’t take me with you. I will run all the way to the hospital.”
“Let him in” The leader of the stupid man says.
“Thank you so damn much”
I hope in the abulience. Shes still looks so motionless. It makes me sick. Who drinks + drives look what you can do. If she don’t live I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would cry, possibly kill myself. We got their and I waited in the waiting room. I knew that her mom wouldn’t show up. Why would she, she hates her. Waiting their felt like the world was ending. When I was finally happy of course something went wrong.
“Tate’s family?” The doctor dude said.
“They won’t be here.”
“You her cousin, brothe”
“I’m her …………… boyfriend.”
“Well she’s in a coma”
“Will will she live?”
“If she comes out of the coma theirs a chance she will live.”
“Can I-I-I see her now. Please?”
I almost threw up. I couldn’t believe that I might lose her. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. It was tough seeing her in the bed. Pale, with bruises and a cast. I grabbed her hand. She almost felt cold. Tears flooded my face. She was just so helpless. I heard the door open.
“I told you Andy something bad would happen if you did it and you did it.” The cloaked guy said
“What was I suppost to do leave her hurting?”
“So you would rather hurt her physically then mentally.”
“I was gonna hoping to protect her.”
“Oh yeah that went well didn’t it.”
“Shut up!”
“Why would I because I’m right”
He was walking towards her. Put her hands on her.
“What are you gonna do about it.”
“Shut up dude really.”
“Shut up”
He threw a punch at me.
“Whatever I will leave but you haven’t heard the last of me.”
“Whatever Just leave. Your not my buddy any more. Just go.”
“You cant protect her. I will get her again.”
“No you wont. The cops will get you. I have a strong feeling towards that.”
“The cops are retarded they will never figure me out. She will get it again. She wont live I will make it that easy.”
“Just leave you have no right to do this to her.”
“That’s what you think. She deserves this.”
“Why why does she deserve this?”
“She isn’t one of us Andy. She never will be.”
“What are we.”
“She’s a loner. We are popular. That doesn’t mix Andy.”
“Who says it doesn’t. All the popular kids.”
“Andy it just doesn’t never has.”
“I don’t care I love her. I always have and I always will”
“That isn’t worth losing all the people that do love you.”
“If they can’t except that then I really don’t care if I lose them. I wanna be happy for once in my life. Does it kill you guys to see me happy.”
“No it doesn’t but she just aint us.”
He was gone in a flash. I went to the wall and slid down. I sat there in the dark. Tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I hate myself for what I did. Is it my fauIt or is it not. I sat there for hours, I looked at the clock it was 2:00 am.

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Just a book im tryin to write

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