My Life Would Suck Without You

March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

“Alex meet Claire...My girlfriend...” Those words echoed in her head, for the first time she’s never felt this shattered. For as long as she could remember it was always her and Nathan, no one else. She knew he would eventually find a girl he’d have feelings for ,she just thought that girl would be her. Alex had just come home from a long day at school; she just wanted this day to pass over as she lay in bed bawling her eyes out. Every inch of her heart was aching, her eyes were red and puffy she just couldn’t take the pain that took over her mind and body.
“Alex?” A voice from the other side of the door said as the door opened. Alex quickly stopped crying and wiped her tears away with her sleeve. “Alex are you alright?”
“Yeah, I just want to be alone.” She replied as she sat up to see her best friend in the door way.
“Alex...” Nathan walked over to her side and realized she was crying. “Why are you crying?”
“Ask yourself.” She murmured.
“Did you say something?” he asked.
“No...” she replied.
“Did I do something?” He asked as he brought Alex in to his arms hugging her tightly. “I’m sorry for whatever I did.” All Alex could do was cry letting all her tears out in his arms for she could no longer hold them in even though she was mad at him it always went away because she couldn’t stay mad at him. He was always the one who said sorry even if he didn’t know why or if it wasn’t his fault. She felt that she didn’t deserve someone like him he was beyond what she ever wanted.
“Nathan my man!” Lyndon Nathan’s best buddy aside from Alex greeted him with their secret handshake.
“Lyndon, what’s up?” Nathan asked taking a book out of his locker and closing it.
“Nothing…So where’s Lexi?” he asked looking around.
“Somewhere probably in Spanish.” He replied also looking around for her.
“Wait isn’t that her over there? Who’s that guy over there with her?” Lyndon asked pointing at ask who was having a quite interesting conversation since she was laughing with the guy.
“Him? That’s Stephen, you know football player…” Nathan answered with his attention still towards the two.
“Aren’t you jealous or something? That Alex is spending time with that Stephen guy and she’s having fun? He does look like he likes her.” Lyndon asked watching his lost friend staring at his best friend.
“Why would I? We’re just friends, besides he’s not her type.” He stated turning his attention to Lyndon.
“What’s her type?” he asked curiously.
“Well she likes someone who makes her laugh, a guy who will listen, understand, respect, and love her. She likes guys who are in to music.” He answered.
“Well he seems like he could have those qualities. Well what’s your type of girl?” Lyndon asked raising an eyebrow.
“Well I like a girl who understands me, besides in side and out beauty I want her to be smart, funny, someone who laughs at my jokes even if they’re stupid, she and I would have good times where there’s never a dull moment someone who likes music & the same type of music I listen to, plus it couldn’t hurt if she could sing.” Nathan replied.
“Dude... you do know you just described Alex right? And the funniest part is you don’t even know It.” he laughed.
“That could have described any one take Claire for example.” Nathan answered
“It could but it just so happened to describe our very own Lexi. And Claire? She’s nothing like what you just described she’s the exact opposite.” He clarified to his lost friend. “Speaking of Alex here she comes.”
“Alex! We were just talking about you.” Lyndon said hugging her.
“About what?” Alex asked pulling away to give Nathan a hug.
“Nothing, so what’s up?” Nathan asked.
“Well you know that the performing arts contest is around the corner and I’m debating whether to be in it or not...What do you think?” She asked.
“Go for it.” Nathan said truthfully he loved her voice and the fact that she played 4 instruments too.
“Ok, But you two will go right?” She asked.
“Yes don’t worry, well I have class see you” Lyndon replied before leaving.
“Nathan?” She asked hoping he would say yes.
“Are you kidding I’m there.” Nathan replied.
“Just us two? No Claire this time? Promise?” Alex asked wanting him to say yes.
“Just us two. I promise.” Nathan replied as Alex gave him a big hug.
“Ok that’s a deal.” She reassured as she pulled away.
“Deal.” He laughed as he put his arm around her.
It was the night of the performing arts contest Alex paced around the entrance room waiting for Nathan and Lyndon but mostly Nathan. Where is he? It’s 10 minutes till curtain. Alex grew more anxious wanting Nathan to be there ASAP because she couldn’t do all this without him, he was her inspiration the only reason she joined.
“Lexi!” Lyndon called walking in as he hugged her. “Am I late?”
“No, where’s Nathan?” She hoped Nathan’s his reason for running late was because of traffic or because he had to get gas.
“I don’t know…but I’m pretty sure he’s coming.” He replied.
“Welcome everybody on this beautiful night our contest will begin shortly so please sit tight as we get ready for 5 more minutes.” The music director announced on stage.
“That’s me…” Alex walked backstage while Lyndon found a seat.
It was almost Alex’s turn and Nathan was still not here, her nervousness went through the roof not only was she nervous about the competition she was worried that something bad might have happened to Nathan. After the contestant ahead of her finished the song and walked back stage Alex knew she was next, but she just wasn’t ready to go.
“Next up we have Alex Davis with her rendition of “You Belong With Me”.” The music director announced as Alex walked on stage. She looked around the room to see if Nathan was there but he was no where to be found. The music came on she finally decided that she’d do it with out Nathan.
As her part almost came she spotted come running in not alone but with Claire who wasn’t supposed to be there, “Alex!” Nathan waved with a smile.
“Hi Alex.” Claire greeted as they both took their seats. The music kept going as Alex missed her entrance, anger, betrayal, sadness filled her body taking over she couldn’t take it that she put the mic down on the ground and ran off stage out to the parking lot as whispering arose.
“Alex!” Nathan rose from his seat and ran after her. “Alex! The contest isn’t done yet. Alex!” Nathan called as he approached Alex who opened her door but gets closed by him. “The contest isn’t over.”
“It is for me.” She answered coldly.
“Alex are you mad at me?” he asked her seriously.
“I thought a promise is a promise!?!” she answered looking him straight in the eye with anger.
“I came here Alex didn’t I?”
“You did but you brought her I thought we agreed you would only come.”
“I brought her because she was alone at home she asked me to stay with her but I brought her instead. Alex I thought you’d understand she’s my girlfriend.”
More anger flew through her veins, “Get out of my way…” but Nathan didn’t move a muscle. “I SAID GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!” Alex pushed him out of the way but Nathan pulled her into his arms.
“Alex if you’re mad at me I’m sorry. If your mad at me hurt me do what you want! Because I know we’ll get past this because you’re my best friend.”
“Right Your best friend! That’s all I’ll ever be your best friend! The one who listens to your problems, who’s always here for you when you need me, who always supports you, who listen and cheers you up when you’re sad! And I’m so stupid for falling in love with my best friend thinking that you’ll love me the way I do! But now I know that you will never be able to love me!” With that she got in to her car leaving Nathan completely stunned and drove away.
It’s been 2 weeks since Nathan and Alex talked ,although Nathan was dying to talk to his best friend Alex kept avoiding him their fights were brutal but they always found a way to work it out but this wasn’t their normal fight and Alex couldn’t forgive and forget not this time.
Nathan lay in bed tossing a baseball in the air and catching it when it fell as thoughts kept running through his mind. The more he thought the more confused he became but there was always one result, Alex. Ever since the night in the parking lot all his feelings towards Claire and Alex have scattered. Throwing the ball in the air and catching it once more Nathan rolled over to the other side he looked out of his window noticing Alex’s window shut with the curtains closed, for the past two weeks it’s been like that.
Knock knock the door opened softly, it was Lyndon, Lyndon walked in and sat in a bean bag chair right across from Nathan. For a while there was silence just Lyndon analyzing his best buddy’s expression.
“What are you doing here?” Nathan broke with a sigh.
“The question is what are you doing lying around like some miracle will happen and Alex will forgive you, or this all never happened?” Lyndon fired back.
“Alex won’t talk to me. I’ve tried to talk to her but she keeps ignoring me & avoiding me.” Nathan sat up looking out the window.
“Try harder! Ok let me ask you this question, do you love Claire?”
“No…I guess…”
“Do you love Alex?”
“No…I don’t know… I’m confused.” Nathan replied facing Lyndon once more.
“Listen to your heart and my friend you will know” he replied getting up and walking out. Confused as ever Nathan thought about it, till it was no good, then he just forgot all of his thoughts listened to his heart. Alex or Claire who do you love? It kept saying until that moment when he realized and remembered what he had said to Lyndon in halls at school.

Well I like a girl who understands me, besides in side and out beauty I want her to be smart, funny, someone who laughs at my jokes even if they’re stupid, she and I would have good times where there’s never a dull moment someone who likes music & the same type of music I listen to, plus it couldn’t hurt if she could sing.
It hit him, he realized Lyndon was right it was Alex all along, he knew he was choosey on what girl he’d go out with but he thought that girl he was looking for was Claire, sure she made him happy at times, but Alex…Alex was different she was there for him when he was down, she was smart funny, and laughed at his stupid jokes she was exactly everything he described. It was Alex, it was her all along the girl he’d been looking for, it was always her, he just realized till now. With that realization he got up and ran out the door appearing at Alex’s door step knocking but there was no answer. Not able to contain himself he climbed the tree next to her balcony and appeared at her door.
“Alex…”He opened the door to see some of her stuff was gone. He sighed in defeat she was gone for real, he got up and took a glance on her desk and noticed a note her mom handwritten.
Don’t forget your flight at 4pm.

Nathan looked at his watch it was 3:30 he had just a few minutes to get to the airport. He quickly climbed down and got in his car leaving for the airport.
Alex put her luggage in the compartment above her as soon as she looked up there he was standing right before her, “Nathan??”
“I’m sorry please don’t be mad…” Nathan began. “Look Alex I Know that it’s insane that I’m here but Alex I can’t loose you. I already did but I can’t let you go.”
“Nathan…” She sighed.
“Alex I know I hurt you…I want you to know up until that night in the parking lot I thought of you just as my best friend, but during those days we weren’t talking I realized I loved you and my life would just suck without”
“Excuse me; you have to take your seats.” The stewardess approached them politely before leaving.
“All this time I’ve been looking for my perfect girl when all along she was always right beside me.” Nathan continued disregarding the stewardess’ order. “Alex… Everyone I want you all to know that I Nathan Raphael Morales Love Alex Davis, I always have and always will.” Nathan poured out all his soul meaning every word he said.
Alex stood there as tears rolled down her cheeks believing every word.
“Say some thing? Please?” Nathan asked getting closer wiping her tears away.
“What about Claire?” she sobbed.
“I broke it off…it’s you I want and only you.” He replied with that she hugged him as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks and every one clapped.
“I love you too…”she whispered in his ear.
Nathan slowly pulled away slowly “Then don’t go…don’t leave me…”
Alex giggled “Nathan, I’m coming back in a week.”
Nathan blushed slightly “So where does this leave us?”
“I don’t know you tell me?” She smiled.
“Will You be my girlfriend?” Nathan asked with that they sealed it with a kiss.

The End

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