Dont you hate?

March 3, 2010
By Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
Mrsafy SILVER, Cokeburg, Pennsylvania
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Don’t you hate when your friends ask out the guy you like for you? When you tell them not too. Well I do. My friend Lola did that to me today. She said “ what’s up buttercup?” I said “ Just thinking about Craig.” She said “ Who is this Craig?” I said “ A cute boy I met forever ago.” She said “ Oh! That one guy that you have been talking about all the time?” I said “ No, I don’t talk about him ALL the time.” She said “ Sure.” I rolled my eyes at her and said “ I talk about him once in a good day.” She said “ No, you don’t stop talking about at all.” I said “ alright, I understand I need to shut my mouth about him.” She said “ thank the lord.” We both laughed at each other. She said “ So have you asked him out yet?” I said “ NO! I am waiting.” She said “ For what? A arrow to hit you in the heart and tell you to ask him out?” I said “ No, I just don’t want to rush thing between us.” She said “ You have been talking about him for the past 3 weeks. How much more will it take?” I said “ As much as I need. I want to know that he likes me, not just guess.” She said “ Give me his number I will tell you if he does or not.” I said “ NO!” She said “ Why not?” I said “ Because I want to do it myself. At one point.” She said “ Kahlan, he wont be here forever.” My name is Kahlan as you can tell up there. My friend is pushing my buttons about him. She will not stop in till she gets what she wants. She said “ Well if you wont give me his number I will just ask someone at the high school to give me it.” I said “ Come on! Don’t do it!” She said “ I am.” Then she walked away from me. I ran up to my friend Val and said “ Hey.” She said “ Hey girl.” I said “ Lola is going to text Craig and tell him I like him.” She said “ You will be fine.” I said “ No, I wont. I am freaking out about it.” She said “ Wait and see what happens. Then freak out.” I said “ Alright, thanks.” We said are goodbye and went our separated ways. I saw Lola at 8th period and said “ You didn’t text him did you?” She said “ You will see.” She ran away before I could say something else. The bell rang to go home. I was freaking out. How could I text him now that he knows I like him? Maybe he wont read it. Boy was I wrong. When I got home my phone rang and I answered it. Lola said “ I did it.” I said “ What did he say?” But he never said he doesn’t like you like that.” I said “ Thanks.” And hung up. I had to talk to Oliva. I said “ He doesn’t want a girlfriend.” She said “Kahlan, I am so sorry.” I said “ I’m fine.” She said “ Text him and talk.” I said “ he wont text back.” She said “ You never know.” I said “ Alright, bye.” I got off the phone and texted him. He texted back Hi. I replied with What’s up? He said back Nothing. I said sounds boring, I’m just watching a movie. That is all we said to each other. He hates me now. I feel like I should just go crawl in a hole and cry my eyes out. I text Oliva and say he hates me. She said No he doesn’t. I said Yeah, cause we usually talk more then just three messages. She said he is busy. I said fine we can go with that. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was racing through my mine. I wish he would of just said yes.

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