Just Simply Us

March 3, 2010
Chapter 1: THE FIRE
All I see around me is fire and smoke. Blazing towers of heat that I can’t get away from. I’m choking and gasping for breath, and all I can think of is Drew. Where is he? Did he make it out okay? At this point, I am calling for him in my mind. I finally pass out, and I think that I am going to heaven, when I hear somone with a beautiful voice calling my name. I feel myself being lifted off the ground and I know that I am being carried out. I am set down on the ground when I hear an explosion behind me. “ Hurry, get her out!” My eyes snap open to see the face of my savior, who is none other than Drew Adams. I mutter his name to the fireman that is propped on one knee above me. I look around to see that the whole school is watching, gathered in a semi circle. I don’t care, all I want is him. The fireman calls out his name and everyone knows who I want.He runs up to me, and kneels down. The fireman takes this as a time to leave. Drew leans down close to me, so close in fact, that I can count his eyelashes. I mutter his name once again. He says “ What is it?” in a very gentle voice. I say, “Kiss me”. He looks at me nervously, before leaning down slowly and pressing his lips to mine. I rejoice because he doesn’t pull away like I thought that he would, but instead moves his lips with mine to form a rhythm. At that point, everything goes black.

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