broken wings

March 16, 2010
By miahxvamp1213 BRONZE, Wasanipi, Other
miahxvamp1213 BRONZE, Wasanipi, Other
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chapter one
the sun light began to fade behind the dark gray clouds making my day worse than it already was
the rain began to come down hard and it made that smooth water fall sound i liked.
the third bell rang and i made my way to my lest favorite class,sex-ed
the reason why i dislike was because of that weird transfer student,i think her name it nima
i pulled out a chair beside David,hey Phillip.i slammed my books down an the table.Hey David,i looked back an there she wearing a black leather jacket worn out dark blue jeans black leather boots that almost touching her knees simple dark brown shirt and had her blue eyes lock on me
Dave the transfer student is really starting to freak me out
why do you say that?
she's always giving me a look
like what look?
like I'm gum in her hair
maybe she like you and shes staring at you to let you know
i laughed David always knew how to make a weird situation funny
OK class today we're going to do something a little different,Mr.backstair turned hes back on us and began writing on the bored,he turned back to us and backed away so we could read what it said
observing the opposite sex
what the hell dose that mean
observing the opposite sex,can any one tell me what that means
none answered
it means to look at the male or female and observe them,how they walk how they talk what turns them on and what dose not and for tonight's homework i want each and every one of you to list your partners movement sound what you think is attractive about then an write it down you all only have one week to finish it
i half to list what i fined attractive about David,ewe
oh and for this you'll all be seated with another partner
what another,I'm grateful i don't half to list what i think is sexy about David,but what
you'll each take a name from these hats,and who ever you pick will be you partner for the rest of the week
he pulled out two hats from his desk one was pink and the other was blue the pink is a list of girls names and the blue is a list of boys names
MR.backstair waved the pink hat in my face would you pick the first name
i put my hand in the hat and garbed the first name i felt throw my fingers i puled it out and red the name
what,i cant sit next to her
and why not
i look back and saw her head was down it look like she was a sleep
never mined
well then,miss shadow wing
she sprung up her head,she was sleeping
what.she asked
you,ll be sitting with
who.she said dosed
the guy over here
she locked her eyes to mine,i tried to look away but it feels like my body doesn't belong to me
she gut up off her seat and walk my way,my eyes are still locked on her
she walked provocatively her curves move so roughly like if she had sex with some one they'd be in for hell of a ride
she set her books down beside me and puled out a chair i look at her hand and on her left she has that leather no finger glove thing,it had couple of rips but it look like she sowed some of it up
hi my name is
i herd a thud she turned away from me to pick up her book,and i could see that the back of her jacket was stitched up
she placed her book on he lap
my name is nima night shadow wing
is shadow wing one word.i ask
oh,I'm Phillip Jonson Patrick black
nice to met you Phillip
she has that dangerous tone in her voice
nice to met you to nima
i could see she gave me a side smile.i began letting my eye wonder up and down her body,she sat with her knees together her feet far apart she sat on her hands and look down,her long hair almost touched the floor
how long did it take you to grow you hair so long.i asked
ever since i was five
and how old are you know
she only one year younger then me
the bell rang and ever one rushed out of the door,nima got up off her chair and headed for the door
nima wait.i called out
she stops and turned to face me
we should meet up some were after school
so we can each other question
for the segment
she pulled my hand out of my pocket pulled out a pen from her pocket,she began writing ,she slid the pen back in her packet and walk out the door
i looked down and saw nine numbers,i wanted to tell her that i just wanted to met her some were,but wen i look up she was gone

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Erm.. punctuation??

on Mar. 28 2010 at 9:57 pm
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good childish misspelled words(alot) watch your sentences and fragments practice a little more but keep up the work alot of potiential so just watch it

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