A Great Love...

March 10, 2010
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Delicate she lays their, pure and radiant. I stand there in disbelief of her beauty. I stare down at her, staring into this illusion. I reach my hand down to caress her black hair. Her hair makes midnight envy with emphatically feelings. I grab her head and turn her to me. She doesn't ever bother to open her eyes, she knows my touch. My smiles up at me, knowing she is in love. Eyes still closed, I can see those gorgeous brown eyes underneath. I knell down to kiss her smile, a signal to let her know I'm her prisoner and she's my drug. My joyous reaction while impassioned by a goddess. They touch, leaving me to want to stay in those first few seconds. That feeling, where as our lips touch, that passion is there. That emotion that has no name, no face or even description. Its just...there. My lips curve into a smile, so its no longer a kiss. Its just a gentle touch. As I open my eyes, she opens hers. Those eyes, peering into me and calling out to me. The grasp me and dwell inside of me. This evil paragon force, I love it. As if our bodies are one, a unit of pure radiant love. Her eyes, so simple and miraculous. I hate the fact that I'm limited by words, no words can explain them. I love her, her simple soul. Shes the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. If only I could relive these moments. I awake in the night, alone. I laugh at myself, knowing it was another dream. Dreams of happiness, or is it depression? I get to relive those slight moments with her...only to awake and know it can never happen again. I wish I could explain this feeling of hated love. I love her and everything about her, I hate that I can never have her again. Maybe I'll die soon, then we can be together. I need to learn to let go...

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TheDreamer said...
Mar. 22, 2010 at 9:01 pm
i love this! keep writing!
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