Earily One Morning

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I woke up this morning to the loud abnoxious ring of the telephone. The caller ID read; Mom's cell. Still half awake I picked up the phone awaiting my mom`s sing-song voice. "Molly!" she cried. With my heart pounding through my chest I hesitated to reply. "When Your Father went out this morning"...she paused. I knew what was coming next, but it couldn't be. This had to be some kind of horrible nightmare and I was about to wake up. "Your father...died in a car crash this morning. Her voice cracked. She always thought she would never be able to live without him. As I was about to respond the phone line went dead. As I quickly glanced at the blank walls I thought the most appropriate thing to do at the time was cry, but I just couldn't he never loved me and he never would of either. Suddenly I noticed a neclace that my Grandmother gave to me before she passed. It was beautiful it had a blue marble cresent moon on it with a siver chain attached I slowly walked other to it and slipped it on. It was cold on my chest. I looked at myself in the mirror, to she the ugly person staring back at me, with the a short white and green night gown with tattered brown hair tinged with strawberry blond streaks, and ice cold blue eyes. Then the neclace caught my eye again. As I admired it's beauty it began to light up. Soon the bright blue neon filled my whole room. I was awestruck. Then the light faded along with daylight and I slipped into a dark abyss. I could feel nothing, I could herar nothing, and I could see nothing. I was in a sanctuary of emptiness. Suddenly a bright spotlight apeared, There was a gorgeaous man standing there now dressed head to toe in white. He glowed like the sun. He flashed a slight smile. As he was about to speak, he started to fade away, soon everything faded away and I was back in my bead. Then the phone rang, I stutered for a moment I wanted to pick up the phone but I didn't so I went back to sleep.

The author's comments:
This Is my First piece and by the way... pixies are dumb.

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