February 22, 2010
The pebbles crunched beneath her feet as she staggered to the worn out swings. A cool night breeze rocked the swings back and forth while her eyelids closed as the wind carried her on the swing. Back and forth. Back and forth. Push. Stronger push. Once at her desired speed, she peered in to the dull darkness. A full moon lighted the park with the aid of a few glistening specs of light. She glanced sideways at the empty swing next to her, slowly rocking with no passenger. It never stopped. The empty swing pierced her heart. She choked back on the pain. No tears tonight, she pleaded to herself. Please no tears. Can’t give up yet. Hesitantly, her eyes peeked sideways, hoping he’d be there only to find an empty swing. After an hour or so, she hopped off the swing. Slowly, she commenced her journey home. But tomorrow at midnight, she’d return. She’d return to that swing, hoping he’d come back.

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