My Soldier

February 20, 2010
As He slowly moved towards me it felt like magic inside. It was as if a jar of twinkling love stars was released inside of me. I felt like I was standing on a cloud and He was the only one I could see. He was like an Angel, moving so gracefully forward. I looked into His eyes and saw pools of gold, shining water. He was like a Hero of the sky. A Soldier of the Kingdom of Peace. His strong muscles were the shields. His face was a mask. His chest was the armor. As His body slowly came to mine the love stars inside of me started dancing faster and faster. His arms came around me. Protection from the fierce winds of the open air around us. This wouldnt be just a kiss. This would be the opening of the Kingdom doors. The beginning of a new life. As His lips were layed upon mine, it was like I was kissing the moon. It was mysterious. It was special. It was nothing I had ever felt before. When His lips left me we looked at each other, and I knew we would never look at each other the same way we used to again. It was as if we had fulfilled our purpose. It was the start of not only a relationship, but a never ending love. This was the kiss that we had waited for our whole life. He then reached for my hand. His skin was warm and it heated my whole body. I felt a wave of serenity stream through my body. We started walking out into the night sky, as if it were us against the world. We would never part. It would be me and Him. Forever. I looked over at my Soldier and soaked in the beauty of His face. "I love you." I whispered softly. He stared back at me with an expression I had never seen. "I love you too." His voice shook slightly, for even the strongest of Soldiers have soft bones in their body. He is my fortress. He is my life. And I will never walk away.

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