Immortal love chapter 14

February 20, 2010
By idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
idcwhatcoloritis GOLD, Severna Park, Maryland
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Merger pulled me into an open meadow and boy was it beautiful. It was night now so the moon was glistening off the water and the water sparkled like crystals. The water had a lovely water fall and above the water fall was a small pool that was probably meant to just sit in the cool water. The grass was a perfect shade of green and the cat tongues were waving in the wind on the other side of the water.
I smiled. “Merger this is amazing.” I shrieked. I ran over to the water and rand my finger tips threw the water. It’s warm. “Wow” I whispered. Merger sat down next to me. He rolled up his pants and took off his shoes. He stuck his feet in. I pulled off my shoes and stuck my feet in. I saw a few fish swim by. I smiled. “This place is amazing how the heck did you find it?” I asked. “I was running threw here looking for Nieceka when I spotted this place. Nieceka had caught me hugging one of her friends. I accidently fell into her but Nieceka didn’t know that so she ran. I found her here. She was hiding behind the cat tongues. After that we came here all the time. I come here a lot now” he said. I smiled. “That’s really sweet Merger. So why did you bring me here?” I asked. “I thought you’d like it.” He said. “You’re an idiot” I laughed. He laughed and punched me. That was enough to make me fall in. The water was a lot deeper then I thought and I kept falling deeper and deeper into the water. I didn’t know how to swim well enough for me to swim up. Man I knew I should have tried to learn. I was loosing air quickly. My lungs were burning. I struggled to swim up but it wasn’t enough I continued to fall deeper and deeper. I struggled to swim but I was falling and my lungs were flaming even more now. I was completely out of air. My body was in pain. I needed air now. I was to far away from the surface. My mouth open trying to find air and water flooded in. That was when I blacked out.

I woke up with Merger screaming at me. “Breath Sapphire!” he was yelling pressing on my stomach. I looked up at him. “You idiot” I hissed. He sighed in relief. “Thank god you’re alright” he said. I sat up. “I’m goanna kill you for that later” I hissed. I was soaking wet. Merger was soaking wet too. We stared at each other for a few seconds then we burst out laughing. “Come on we should get you out of those wet clothing” he said. I nodded and got up. We walked back slowly. I was too weak to run so Merger kept pace with me. “That was scary” I whispered. “Yeah I thought I killed you” he said. I laughed. “Water can’t kill me Merger” I laughed. He sighed. “You scared me half to death” he said. “Good. Then next time when your messing around you should remember that I can’t swim well” I hissed. “How the heck was I so post to know about that?” he said. “You should have known when I screamed” I hissed. “Maybe but I thought it was because I pushed you in” he said. I frowned. “You’re an idiot” I hissed.
After about 20 minutes of walking we reached campus again. Merger took me back to his room and told me to take a shower. He said he’d steal some of Mimi’s close and bring them over for me to wear so I took a shower. I inhaled deep breaths over and over again as I got out of the shower. I could have died. I gulped. If Merger hadn’t jumped in I would have died. I sighed. “I’ll have to learn to swim” I whispered. I pulled on Mimi’s close and pulled my wet hair back into a high pony tail. I slid my swords into my belt loops and left the bathroom.
Merger had changed already. “Are you goanna be alright?” he asked. “Yeah I’ll be fine” I said. He smiled. “Good now go find Ludicrous he’s probably freaking out about you” he said. “Did you tell him?” I asked. “Na. I didn’t bother. You can tell him if you want” he said. “Na I’ll just say I took a shower back at my dorm and stool Mimi’s close to piss her off” I said. “Make sure you tell Mimi that story first before she blows it for you” he said. I nodded. “Thanks Merger” I said. “For what?” he asked. “For saving me. You could have died too” I said. “You know I wouldn’t let you die” he said. “Yeah but thanks” I said. I smiled at him then left the room.
I headed towards Mimi’s room. She was waiting for me outside her door. “Are you alright?” she asked. “I’m fine. Just make sure you come in all pissed off because I stool your close alright” I said. “What are you goanna tell him?” she giggled. “That I took a shower back at my dorm and stool your close to piss you off” I said. She laughed. “Ok” she said. “Come in tomorrow morning though. I need to cool down Ludicrous” I said. She nodded. “Good luck” she whispered. She hugged me then went into her room.
I opened the door to Ludicrous’s dorm. I saw something moving in Ludicrous’s bed. I smelt two scents. One I recognized and one I didn’t. I walked over to the bed and tore off the blanket. Ludicrous was in bed with some chick, both of them naked. My eyes widened. Ludicrous looked up from the girl. I saw that the girl was Holly. That little sl*t. “Sapphire” Ludicrous whispered. “You little man wh**e” I hissed. I left the room.
I took the ring off my finger and threw it down the hall. I walked into Merger’s room. He was drinking a glass of wine sitting on his bed. “Sapphire?” he asked putting down his wine glass. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. I burst into tears. “Sapphire what happened?” he asked. “Ludicrous was mating with Holly” I sobbed. Merger’s eyes widened. I burst into hysteric tears. Ludicrous ran into the room fully clothed. “Sapphire it’s not what you think” he said. I pulled my swords from my belt loops defending my self as I sucked it up. “Get out!” I hissed. His eyes widened. “Get out!” I screamed. He back towards the dorm. “Get out!” I screamed as loud as I could. He left the room quickly. My swords shook in my hands. Ludicrous didn’t love me. He……he was just playing with me. He doesn’t want me. He never wanted me. He wanted Holly. Merger was a fool too. Holly didn’t want him. I dropped my swords. Merger hugged me from behind. “It’s alright Sapphire” Merger whispered. I spun and around and hugged him as I burst into tears again. Merger laid his cheek on the top of my head as he held me close. “It’s alright. You’re safe now” he whispered hugging me tight. “Everything will be alright.”
I didn’t stop crying for over an hour. After I began to calm down it was about 11 and I was tired. “Merger” I whispered. We hadn’t moved from that spot. He still held me the same way. “Hm?” he asked looking down on me. “Can I sleep with you? I don’t want to go back to Ludicrous’s room and I’m too tired to go back to my dorm” I asked. “Course” he said. I smiled. “Thank you” I whispered. I walked over to his bed and climbed in. Merger climbed in on the other side. I fell asleep trying to remove the image of Holly and Ludicrous mating from my mind.

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Hi i'm idcwhatcoloritis. I hope you enjoy Immortal love. If you like my work a lot go check out my account on quizilla. Same name for my account on there too, idcwhatclloritis. Check out Shanna's secret, that's the book i'm currently working of publishing but if you want to wait for the book and the new chapters that cool too but seriously read it.
Peace from idcwhatcoloritis a.k.a. Victoria

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