Playing with Fire

February 20, 2010
His back was resting against my hip as I lay behind him on the couch. He was so into the video game in front of him his fingers moved quickly and expertly over the buttons on the controller and his lips were parted ever so slightly in concentration. The thought of pressing my lips against his flashed across my mind, my heart suddenly pounding against my ribs. I took a deep breath to extinguish the fire in my chest, but it only grew when i noticed his alluringly thick natural scent. I looked up at him and for a moment he looked down at me, his glasses laying a few inches too far from his eyes to play interference. His eyes were gorgeous, thick chocolate brown and gently understanding.They held a natural soft roundness with just a slight asian tweak at the corners, giving his stare this intense edge that sliced right through me. An explosion broke our gaze and his attention immediately flickered back to the screen soaked in digital blood. I could here the joystick twisting violently under his thumb and an image of his fingers working over my body played across the inside of my eyelids and made me swallow hard. I sat up behind him and let my lips hover a few inches from his neck, I could sense his eyes glance over at me for a fleeting second and then back to the game, as if I hadn’t moved at all. His skin was a light cinnamon brown and from this distance I realized just how irresistible his smell was. I smirked lightly and let my lips push against the warm thick skin of his neck, it was only for a second, but for this one second I took in just how delicious it felt, and then I bit down playfully. He groaned a little but I knew he was smiling, still trying to keep his animated self alive in battle. I hoped he wouldn’t notice my tongue sliding across the flesh between my teeth, and I had to work to repress the moan that wanted to slither free. I pushed him over just ever so slightly and pressed my body against his, and the want to take it further burned all the way to my fingertips. Abruptly, I let go and snapped back laughing, he sat up grinning and let a short brag out about how he still managed to hold his own in the game. I made a whiny comment about my displeasure to this and he let out a sweet chuckle. I took a deep breath and tried to keep my nerves under control as I eyed the marks of my teeth in his neck, each indent was enveloped in a light red halo beneath the skin. Almost as if I temporarily had marked him as mine, even if he wasn’t.

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