The Note

February 20, 2010
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I pedalled fast, feeling the wind rush past my blushing cheeks, whipping my hair out behind me. I was grinning as the bike sailed down the hill, miles and miles of empty road stretched out before me. To me, this was the most magical feeling - the feeling of being free, able to go anywhere, be anybody. Going fast, almost flying. That's the feeling that I really, really love.
I couldn't really go anywhere, of course. I slowed to a halt by the worn metal gate, leaning my bike up against it as I rummage in my pocket for the note. The note had turned up in my locker two days ago, scribbled in a rushed kind of way, in blue biro. It was on a piece of scrap paper, that looked like it was once attached to the French worksheet that was due in on Monday.
It had a picture on it, of the view I could see as I leaned against the gate, holding it up to compare. The blue biro artist was talented, to be sure. It was a near identical copy. There was a little arrow above a tree two fields over.
It said "I'll wait here." and then it had a time, and a date. I glanced at my watch, frowning as I stumbled over the analogue time. I'd always been better at digital, but parents being parents, I had an analogue watch. I had ten minutes to ride over there. I didn't know who had written the note, who, or why. But there was a little hint of wishful thinking working it's way to my brain.
Connor. Connor had been my best friend when I was tiny, and we'd been inseparable til I was 12. Now, though, I was 15, and he'd just moved back. It had been awkward, at first - it didn't help that he'd suddenly sprouted muscles, and was suddenly irresistible to most of the girls in my year, while I was just me. The quiet one who keeps herself to herself at the back of the class.
I hadn't recognized him until he dumped his bag down next to me and said in that rolling way he did, "Hey, Ellie." I did a double take when I glanced up at him.
"Connor?" I had said, incredulously.
"That's me." He had grinned. "Long time no see, huh?"
"Tell me about it." I had smiled, and then the lesson had begun. There was no time for catching up, but he walked me to my locker afterwards, and it was definitely awkward.
"See you around." I had said, trying to ignore the swooning girls floating in the corner of my vision, waiting until he was available for their flirtatious manipulations.
And then two days later, the note had turned up in my locker.
And here I was, cycling slowly, trembling inside, as I approached the tree in question. I sat at the base of it, trying to look nonchalant, and waited. This would be embarrassing if I got stood up, or worse, if it was all a prank.
A voice came from the other side of the trunk.
"You came." It said, and I didn't dare look.
I stood up slowly, but didn't turn around. "I did."
"Guess who?" said the voice, his hands covering my eyes in the way that he always used to.
"Connor?" I said, a hint of hope entering my voice.
"You always managed to get it, every time." He said, and spun me round, and kissed me.

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