A Christmas Remembered

March 1, 2010
By leigh.frantz BRONZE, Grand Haven, Michigan
leigh.frantz BRONZE, Grand Haven, Michigan
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Snow fell softly. The presents laid unwrapped in a pile next to the tree. 'What's the point?' Lily thought as she stared at the gift, 'no one was going to open them so why wrap them?' This is not what she saw this Christmas being like.

She'd imagined this over and over in her head over the past couple months. She imagined sitting next to the warm fire, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, just waiting for Anthony to get back from California where he worked. She imagined him pulling up in the driveway, walking in, and seeing all the gifts under the tree nicely wrapped just waiting to be opened Christmas morning. They could go out for a walk in the snow looking at all the neighbors' Christmas lights that covered the streets. Maybe they could go to the mall in all the madness and try to pick out some good gifts to send to their parents. They could sit around the tree Christmas Eve with music playing and hand out one special gift to each other that could be opened then. Lily imagined them waking up Christmas morning and eagerly opening presents like they did when they were little, then going to a family get together at their parents. The perfect Christmas.

But it didn't turn out that way. Lily's plan got abruptly shattered by an unexpected phone call. Anthony would not make it back to Michigan in time to enjoy Christmas with her. In fact he would not be back until the middle of January. His work had taken an unexpected turn. Anthony told her he was unhappy about it but no one was more unhappy than Lily. Even though on the phone she kept a brave front, inside she was miserable. Everything she'd planned and looked forward to had been worthless. This next week leading up to Christmas would be just sad. Sure she could still go Christmas day and spend the holiday with her family, but it wouldn't be the same. All her plans were ruined, but worse, she was alone, without Anthony, and that broke her heart.

To ease her mind from the sadness, Lily decided to wrap the presents. Sure Anthony wouldn't receive them until well past Christmas but they needed to be wrapped eventually. She put the bow on the last one, unplugged all the Christmas lights, and went to bed. The best she could do right now is just try to forget she wouldn't see Anthony for a month and her favorite holiday of the year would be a lonely one.

Lily woke up in the morning to the sun shimmering off the snow. The sparkle of light made her happy, but as she got up the sight of the small Christmas tree in the corner of her room reminded her of the past day. She suddenly felt the urge just to stay in bed and just sleep until January, but her dog Henry scratched at her bed wanting to be let out. She unwillingly got up out of her bed and let the big monster of a dog out back.

Lily walked back in the living room and sat in front of the TV. Only some boring news and pointless sports were on so she turned that off. She went to pick up a book, but none were with in her reach that she desired to read. Finally she decided it was time for breakfast and walked slowly to the kitchen to make some cereal. On her way she didn't miss the fact that all the presents were still waiting eagerly under the tree. This just justified in her mind that she was in fact still alone.

As Lily poured the last of the milk into her cereal bowl, her dog Henry came running up to her. She started to shoo him away and suddenly stopped. Lily didn't remember letting Henry in. She went around the corner to see if the back door was opened and couldn't believe her eyes.

It was Anthony! There he was with that same smile Lily remembered smeared across his face. Her face must have been priceless because he began to laugh as soon as he saw her. She was speechless. All she could do was run up to him and hug him. He explained to her how he had gotten someone else to take over his project so he could come home but Lily didn't hear a word he said. She was just overjoyed he was in front of her. It was a Christmas miracle and she could now have the Christmas she always wanted.

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