March 1, 2010
Hayley could feel the despair growing in her as she repeats what she heard her friend just say. Over and over again she could her the words echoing in her head, ‘He doesn’t like the emo type.’
“H-Hayley? Are you ok? You’re crying…” Her friend, Addie whispered as she wiped the tears away quickly before anyone else could notice she was crying. It was bad enough people had started to eye the two of them for standing in the middle of the hall.
“No Addie, I’m not. I love this guy and you just delivered me the worst news ever. How could I possibly be ok after that?” Hayley responded her voice breaking as she talked. She felt as though she could scream. She has spent the last two months chasing after this boy. She had millions of poems inspired by him in a notebook hidden under her bed at home. Hours wasted staring into his deep brown eyes as he did his school work or did push-ups in gym.
“I’m so sorry, Hayley. I know you love him and all, but he’s not the only guy out there. Ian is just a-”Addie was cut short by an approaching Ian.
“I’m a what?” He asked wanting her to finish her sentence. Hayley turned around at the sound of his voice. She sighed internally. Nothing can beat the voice of the one you love, she thought to herself despite what she had just heard.
“A mindless jacka** that needs to shove a rode up his a** and leave it there.” She finished spitefully. Anyone could hear the venom in her voice. She made no attempt to cover it up with sweetness and lies.
“Well that’s not very nice. What did I ever do to you?” He asked truly confused. He looked between Addie and Hayley.
Was she imagining it did his eyes linger on her. Hayley could feel a blush rising in her cheeks. She gazed up at Ian, mesmerized by his brown eyes. They both quickly looked away quickly.
“I don’t know, Ian. Why don’t you ask my friend Hayley, who you know happens to have a huge crush on you and you’ve blown her off every chance she tired to talk to you! I mean I get that she’s not your type, but you could at least act like you notice her!” She ranted, standing on her toes in order to get into his face.
Hayley couldn’t do a thing but turn a bright red and gasp in surprise. “Addie!” She exclaimed, then quietly, “How could you?”
“My type? Since when do I have a type?” He asked looking at Addie then back at Hayley with a crooked smile that stole Hayley’s breath away.
“Don’t play that bull with me! ‘I’m not into emo’s.’ That’s so jacka**ish! So what? She cuts. There are reasons behind that, but you won’t take the time to talk to her to get to know her enough to know why!” Addie yelled as Hayley groaned. Addie was just digging her a deeper grave for her to crawl into after this embarrassment was through. Not only was Ian staring at the two of them like a bunch of lunatics, but a crowd was gathering.
“I haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about. Not once have I ever said I wasn’t into emo girls.” Hayley felt something flicker inside her. What could if be? Hope, she thought, I’m feeling hope. A smile spread across her face. Ian’s gaze went from Addie to her. Quickly, she pressed her smile into a thin line. She felt like such a dork. Why was Addie doing this?
Hayley spun on her heel and murmured a good bye. With that she took off down the hall before Addie and Ian could embarrass her further. She could hear footsteps pursuing her, but she ignored them. Addie deserved the chase after what she just did.
The steps grew faster and she could hear people complaining as they were pushed out of the way. Hayley’s eyebrows drew together as she listened. That was defiantly not Addie. Addie always wore the shortest skirts she could manage matched with a low-cut shirt and high heels. She couldn’t possibly running that fast after her
She was about to turn around to see who it was, but they had grabbed her wrist tightly keeping her from going any further. “Hayley, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you.” The voice said softly. It was Ian. He had chased after her. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. He spun her around and looked into her eyes. “Please. Don’t cry.” He whispered and gently wiped the tears away before kissing her tenderly on the lips.
Addie walked up behind them and let out an excited laugh. “Well, well! Look what we got here! This is certainly unexpected.” She said with a smile that spread from ear to ear. Hayley moaned softly and waved Addie away. “Ok, ok I get it! Seesh! No thank you no nothing.” She grumbled to herself as she sashayed away.

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Inlove4ever said...
Apr. 6, 2011 at 12:07 pm
aww! thats so sweet! it just ended with that! aww! I wish i could use some of her luck!
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