No Such Thing ( as a Fairy Tale Ending)

March 1, 2010
By Lonely_Lunatic SILVER, Manassas, Virginia
Lonely_Lunatic SILVER, Manassas, Virginia
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“Tomorrow is gonna be the day.” Amarath said in a breathy whisper as she pulled her blanket up around her face. She stared at the glowing red numbers f the alarm clock and quickly fell asleep.
She smiled softly at a boy as she drew closer to him. She could see the hello on his lips. “Hi Xander, I need to ask you something.”
“Shoot.” He said with a smile. Amarath’s heart shuddered and her breathing picked up.
“I-I was wondering if…if maybe you…wanted to uhm…”
“Go out?” He asked trying to help finish her sentence. She simply nodded, unable to talk. She could feel the blush rising in her cheeks.
It was silent for a minute. Her self esteem vanished and she looked down feeling the tears stinging her eyes trying to escape. “I understand.” She mumbled. She looked up allowing herself one last glance before she would quickly make her retreat.
Then as she was looking up at him he did something unexpected, something she had fantasized about so many times before. He pulled her close and crushed his lips against hers. She hesitated a bit, but then snapped out of her daze and kissed him back.
The world was spinning all around her. He was smiling against her lips. Amarath thought this was as good as it could get. He pulled away and whispered in her ear, “That’s a yes, by the way.” She laughed and his lips were pressed back on hers.
The loud blaring sounded in her ear telling her to wake up. She sighed as she realized it was all a dream.
Later that day she asked Xander out and he shot her down. She ran to the bathroom and cried all day. I should have known, she thought as she walked home, there’s no such thing a fairy tale ending…

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on Mar. 9 2010 at 7:36 pm
Green8a8 SILVER, NY, New York
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ooooh this is so ironic

and sad

but i like it its good


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