His Smile

February 28, 2010
By looking4love&hope BRONZE, San Salvador, Other
looking4love&hope BRONZE, San Salvador, Other
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She was looking through the window when Stephen came in.
“It’s snowing”, she said.
“Yeah, I know, since yesterday, you were already sleeping.”
She had always thought snowflakes were like little ballerinas falling with harmony.
“I love when it snow”
“You always have” he answered with nostalgia.
“Do you remember our snow wars?”
“of course I do, I thought you were the one who forgot it”, he said between laughs
“Believe me! My face still does and actually I think your nose too!”
“What? My nose?” he laughed “I had forgotten all about the accident with the snowball and my nose. But I still remember something. You know what I am talking about? Do you?”, his eyes were
She kept quite, suddenly the door opened it was Mark.
“Hi sweetie! How are you feeling today?”
“Hi Mark! I am fine. At that moment she looked at Stephen, he was now standing up looking thru the window.
She remembered all perfectly. She was sixteen, he just one more year older, both were sitting in the snow outside. They were tired, that day they were playing with snow. They know each other since they were in kindergarten. She looked at him; Stephen was starring at her with his singular smile.
“What?” Stephen used to make jokes and some were about her, so he thought he was going to say another one. But the next three words were true and sincere. “I love you”, he said still smiling. She was surprised and confuse, then she did not why they kissed. After that she run and before she closed the door she scream “Leave me alone Stephen!” She went to her room hysterical and crying. She was so confuse. Did she love him? She love him but as a brother or she thought. That night Stephen called her. “Tell him I am busy”. And so were the next four days.
It was Saturday as she realized she should talk with Stephen even though she was not sure about her feelings. She ate breakfast and went to his house. All the way to Stephen´s house she thought what she should say. However as she arrived at his home she noticed no one was there, the house was empty.
“Maybe he is in LA”, she thought. Stephen went every holiday to his grand parent´s house. Weeks later she would found she wasn´t totally wrong. It was January´s second week and she thought maybe Stephen was back home. This time they were people at the house, however they were not Stephen or anyone from his family.
“Hi Girl, we are new here! We have just arrived” a young lady said.
“Oh! Hi! Welcome I hope you like your new home! And then she left. In fact Stephen was in LA. However he was not visiting his relatives, he was living there. “He left me! He did as I say! He leaves me…. alone, he is my best friend”, she thought with sadness and tears in her eyes. “But why! He move and I don’t even know his phone number or address!”She complained.
She saw her engagement ring. “Always yours, Mark”. She was engaged with Mark but a part of her wasn´t still happy with the idea of getting married with him.
Years passed and after five or maybe six years she met Stephen again. She was so shocked as she saw him. He was there so cute and a taller than when they were teenagers. She tried to calm herself down but she wanted to run and hug him. She was going to apologize with him and said how she had missed him. How sorry she was for being so rude. Though she was not expecting what she saw next to him. There was a thin, cold and tiny eyed creature. Before she could run away he called her name.
“Hii Stephen!”She said forcing a smile, she just wanted to leave. He introduced both, yet she did not paid attention. She was not prepared for such an obstacle in her way. Her thoughts were interrupted by her horrible and stupid laugh. Now back in to reality she saw her teethes. “How is she able to smile whit that if it is possible to call it smile”, she thought. Stephen used to make fun of her when she had braces and know her girlfriend need it at once. She thought how ironic it was.
“I will come back” the creature said. “Don´t mind you should leave!!”She thought how she hated her.
“Now tell me what do you think?” Stephen asked.
“Oh she is nice, she had a particular laugh”, she didn´t want to be hypocrite so it was the only thing she could said. She kept all the critics and opinions to herself. This girl had ruined her plans.
Stephen laugh, how did she like his smile it was just enchanting. “I don´t heart it often, she had two masters in computer system but she can´t understand my jokes.”
“ironic”, she thought. She could not understand how and why he was with her. What did he see in her? She didn´t seem funnier, likeable, loving as her. “What´s wrong with him?” she repeated over and over again. This only could be a universe joke. They talked a little while and then she left frustrated.
A few years later they met again. Stephen was single now however she was already with Mark, they had just started dating. Yet they exchanged phone numbers and did not lost contact (no se como decir esto se oye raro xD).
She looked her ring, “everything happens for a reason”, she thought with sadness. She didn´t believe it at all, and if this was true. Why was Stephen the one she could not forget and could not stop dreaming with? He was always in her mind she could not forget his smile, even though she was engaged with Mark. She looked at her ring again and took it off.
Stephen was now sitting next to her she had not noticed; she was lost in her thoughts. Then the summer’s camps came to her mind. She had spent every summer with Stephen until he left. Stephen was adventurer, he liked nature. He was the one who every summer won in the camps activities. The best in fishing, camping, making fire, sealing, etc. On the other hand Mark and nature was not a good mix up. He broke his leg the first time they went camping, and then when they went fishing he almost fall in the water and spent the whole day complaining about the sun, this was typical of Mark. He always found something he could complain. Though he was very sweet and he really loved her. Every time she was sad he tried to make her feel better Stephen really succeeded in that but with his jokes. Stephen was so different to Mark. How two different persons could make her feels the same feeling?. Sometimes she doubted if he loved Stephen more than Mark.
She liked Mark´s eyes, those ocean eyes, she felt in love with. Sometimes she felt she could get lost in his eyes. Mark was so cute and was always giving her gifts, but sometimes she felt it were just apologizes for being so arrogant or make offensive jokes of her because she is woman. “Women are just for wasting money” once he told her. She didn´t talk to him for one day, it was obviously over reacting. Though she could not handle his machismo. On the contrary Stephen was a gentleman, he really knew how to treat her, and he was like a prince, though she was not engaged with this prince.
She looked at Stephen; Mark was outside by the phone with someone of his job.
“Stephen, I remember it, I am sorry for what I did.”
“Sorry? you shouldn´t there is no reason I was the one who said that I love you.” he said and tried to smile.
“No, I don´t mean just for being rude i mean….forget it.”
“What? Tell me please? he said holding her hand.
She tried to say something but she could not. “What? Are you ok? Can you hear me?” Her eyes were closed. “Mark call the nurse!, he screamed without letting her hand go.
“Please open your eyes!”, Stephen whispered at her ear. “Don’t leave, please don´t!”He begged. “Stay with us!, Stay please! Stay with me”. The ring fall on the floor.

The author's comments:
it was inspired by a crush i had

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