February 27, 2010
Stop it…stop being silly, he doesn’t like you and he never will. It’s all I could say to myself. I don’t know why I thought he would in the first place, but don’t we all want the impossible to happen? He was imperfect, and that’s what made him perfect. Every other guy would just try to be cool, he never tried. All the other guys would try to get my attention. He never tried.
I’m tall, blonde and guys tell me I’m pretty. Who cares what they think? I’m fine with who I am without them, my self esteem is strong, and I don’t need their compliments. I blow them off, and ignore them completely. But, if he had given me just one compliment, I know I’d melt right there. Unable to make any sort of smart-a** remark that’s so easy to fling at those other guys. But, he’ll never like me…Never compliment me.
He’ll only ever been sweet, other guys try to flirt, but he’s just honest. All the others are football players, but he’s a musician. Other guys joke about my grades, “bookworm”, they taunt, just vying for a smile. He, too, is brilliant and never intimidated by me being a bookworm. But he’ll never taunt me, joke with me, or flirt with me. All the other guys will, but he’ll never like me.

She’ll never notice me, she smiles at me, but she’s just being nice. I’m nice back to her. How could I not be? But, she’ll never notice me, never like me. I’m not a jock, and all the other guys are, they’re tall strong, and I’m thin. She’s beautiful, they always tell her. She doesn’t seem to care, but she is; tall and blond. They joke with her, and try to get her attention; they always crowd her, and compliment her. She’ll never see me.
She deserves better than them, because she’s smart, but will she ever know that? Will she ever know that I like her. That even though I’m not cool, I’ll never mock her about her brilliance; I’ll never try to tease her for a smile. I’ll write songs for her, and compliment her until she glows with confidence, until she knows how pretty she is, until she knows how much I like her.
I would love her, but she’ll never notice me, she’ll never like me.

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Bookdragon said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 7:19 pm
My LIFE. Totally. That was very well done.
morning_girl replied...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm
Thanks, same here, I think a lot of girls feel that way, I used to more. But now that I have believed Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was risen from the dead... I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father, and that boy, well now he's JUST a boy
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