Choose or be Chosen

February 27, 2010
Love is like gravity, for which there is no permanent release. Regardless of what you do to try to avoid it, love will remain in life. You can jump up in hopes of defying gravity, but you can not stay out of its reach. Gravity will keep you centered. The same is true for love. You can jump out of the direct pathway very easily, whether you intend to or not, but love will lure you in eventually. It is with irresistible bait that love captures the mind. As much as love is like gravity, it is also a butterfly. It is unique and fragile. When a butterfly is chased, it flies away. When love is pursued, it seems farther than it really is. There is only way to win the agonizing, back and forth game of love. You must allow love to find you and take you where you’ve never been before. And, once that love has begun to overstay its welcome, you must let it float away with no regrets. This is achieved by trusting that many more butterflies are on their way. The next time a butterfly stops to perch in your heart, you will have more experience in caring for it. However, no human has able been able to master this task. We hurt, and cry. We make our selves suffer, and inflict depression. To be fair, human beings do have one ability that carries them through life with fire. Every love gained is immeasurably better than the pain suffered from previous loneliness. Though we try to be cautious, that new butterfly lights up our lives. We laugh, and smile as if hurt was a myth. Love is like gravity because without it, life could not exist, I write for my elaboration on an emotion. I chose love. I stayed up until three A.M. trying to explain it right. I drift in and out of deep sleep…
I open my eyes and I am in a room I have never seen before. It has black windowless walls and red carpet. At first, when I look around I see nothing. Then my conscience whispers for me to go through the door. I look again and in the far right corner of the room, I do see a plain gray door with a brass doorknob. I walk towards it for what feels like hours and when I reach it my legs collapse. A shooting pain runs through my left thigh and I realize I have fallen on a key ring. I hoist myself onto my knees and twist the brass doorknob. It does not open. It then occurs to me that I need the keys. There are hundreds on the key ring. One by one I force them into the slot but none fit. Once I have tried all of them, a bright yellow light shines from under the door and sucks me towards it. Everything else happens in an instant. I shrink down and spin in tight spirals throughout the moist air. And the next thing I know, they key ring disappears and I am shoved into the key hole. I regain normal size and right as I am about to open my eyes and feast upon the images in this room that I have worked so hard to reach, I wake up. In my dreams I am the key. In reality I search for one. Where do I really fit?

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Squidney1014 said...
Mar. 11, 2010 at 5:20 pm
Wow! This is really good! I love how it ends with a question!
enchanted4yu replied...
Mar. 12, 2010 at 9:42 am
Thank you :) this was actually supposed to be somethin longer but i liked it at this length
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