The Odd Girl

February 26, 2010
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There was once a Boy who often found Himself sad and alone. One day The Boy met an Odd Girl that completely captivated Him. He was unable to explain how She made Him feel, but as quickly as She had come She was gone again.

Time Passed and The Boy was unable to get The Odd Girl to stop returning to His mind though the thoughts of Her tortured Him so. He was sure He would never find The Odd Girl again and tried to give up hope but His heart would abandon Him to fetch the unwanted thoughts.

One day The Boy found The Odd Girl again but He could only communicate with Her. He couldn’t see Her. He couldn’t touch Her. He couldn’t feel Her presence. Things continued like this for quite some time but still The Boy couldn’t tell Her how He felt and it was as much torture as not being with Her at all.

When The Boy moved away He thought things would get better but once again The Girl returned to Him. This time was different though. He still couldn’t be with The Odd Girl. But The Boy harnessed an intense determination that The Odd Girl WOULD be His. He captivated Her and She was His. For a short time. But like many teenage love stories something changed their relationship and The Girl was no longer His. The pain and haunting memories returned to Him with a vengeance.

The pain drove Him mad and The Boy was forced to seek solace in keeping busy. Filling His schedule filled task after meaningless task. It didn’t take long for The Boy to push the thoughts away and wash away the pain. Over time He had learned to master these abilities as He needed them often. He managed to find things to totally overtake His schedule. All had returned to normal.

Until She found Her way back to Him from nowhere. The pain begins to return, will the madness? He can see it encroaching on the horizon of His mind like dark storm clouds over the country hills. He must maintain Himself to ensure the safety of His sanity that The Odd Girl now holds tenderly in the palms of Her hands.

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